Ambassador: “US will continue cooperation with Azerbaijan from now on too”

Lee Litzenberger, US ambassador to Azerbaijan

© APA | Lee Litzenberger, US ambassador to Azerbaijan

# 23 February 2022 19:08 (UTC +04:00)

“I am pleased to be in Ganja today,” said US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger, APA’s local bureau reports.

“I think that these graduates will contribute to the production of the highest quality hazelnuts. Today, 35 graduates participated in the 3-month program. Within the framework of this program, they were taught the most advanced methods and technology of growing hazelnuts. This program was carried out with joint cooperation of USAID, Italian confectionery company Ferrero, and Azerbaijan State Agrarian University. I am very glad that today we are bringing to Azerbaijan 35 agronomists with advanced knowledge and skills. It is the first graduate group of our program. As Azerbaijan develops its economy, increases its welfare we will continue our cooperation from now on too.”