Anar Mammadkhanov: “If they oblige I will not change my family name, let them put me into prison for this”- INTERVIEW

Anar Mammadkhanov: “If they oblige I will not change my family name, let them put me into prison for this”- <font color=red>INTERVIEW</font>
# 12 February 2010 14:03 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Elbrus Seyfullayev – APA. APA’s interview with parliamentarian Anar Mammadkhanov

-We can not see you in press. Do you avoid press or you do not have time?

-Why should I avoid? I have always been friend of press. Though sometimes I have ground to feel hurt, I have never taken offence at press. It is connected with time. I have been working on a serious project for several months. This project will be cinema and TV production. We will produce documentary films and programs. Its name is Ultra Production. We will make documentary films about Azerbaijan’s history, culture. We will make a documentary film about “Kubinka” one of the most ancient historical places of Baku. This is an interesting project. We also want to make a documentary film about the history of Azerbaijan’s mugham. They will be half documentary and half fiction. Moreover, we will also prepare interesting programs.

-Will you sell these films to the local TV channels?

-They may be sold or given to sponsors. The main issue is that there is no competition among productions. There is a gap in this field. We intend to have normal relations with everybody.

-When will present your project?

-Very likely in March. We want to invite directors and script writers from England. Our directors will also work with them. I want to attract the attention of the world audience. We have bought high-quality technical equipment. The main problem is connected with the staff. The main problem of TV channels is connected with staff. It will be a compliment if I say there are very few script writers in Azerbaijan. There are no script writers, few editors, almost no producers. They think a producer is the person who organizes concerts. This person is called administrator. There is ability of production in Azerbaijan. These persons should be taught international practice. I wrote two answers to academician Ramiz Mehdiyev’s article on television. I wrote that the main problem is to qualify the staff. Otherwise, it will be useless.

-Why do you think television channels do not qualify the staff?

-They think that there is rating and any ill-bred person may present programs. He can visit somebody’s house and make low-quality programs. If there are commercials, they do not want to qualify the ill-bred person. Let’s go to the chairperson of State Student Admission Commission and see how the situation is. Television should raise awareness. Vagif Samadoglu used to present a program about jazz. I have not forgotten this program. Ayaz Salayev’s “Retro” program is still remembered. We learned much from those programs. Present Azerbaijani youth, public are not aware of anything. Entertaining programs are shown in all countries. But the question is the quality. Our programs will not be so cheap. No bank will refuse to sponsor these programs, because I have made Anar Mammadkhanov a brand.

-You are being forgotten as a parliamentarian. You do not even attend the parliament’s meetings. What is the reason?

-One of the reasons is that now the parliament holds meetings twice a month. The view of the parliament is very nice. The statistics is quite different. On the other hand, I understand the new-elected parliamentarians. When I was elected parliamentarian in 1995 I was very active. Then they wrote about my activeness. In 2009 I wrote 60 articles. Approximately half million people read these articles. Isn’t it activeness? For example, Panah Huseyn makes speech at every meeting. I think my activity is more effective. I am the youngest parliamentarian in the history of Azerbaijan. I was elected when I was 25. At that time I was naïve a little. As time passes everyone sees things more clearly.

- Do you consider yourself mature politician?

- I never considered myself as the politician. I always thought that I am public figure. Now I know what the problems of Azerbaijani society and how they can be solved.

- The society you know well thins that Anar Mammadkhanov was suspended from the processes and even he will not run for the parliamentary elections this year…

- They have been suspending me since 1995. I was not born as the member of the parliament and it is not a tragedy that I am not in the parliament. If I join the elections I will win exactly. I was and will be never defeated. I win every business I did. I am a pragmatic.

- Will you run for the elections this autumn?

- I have no caprice. You see I begin new business. It will be more beneficial for Azerbaijan. I will do this business only. But If I consider so and it is advised me to run the elections I will do that.

- Who should advise you?

- The people around me should advice. I have 15-year of parliamentary experience. This is great question. It will not a tragedy for me if I don’t run for the elections. There are people that become no one after leaving their posts. But I was well-known before the parliament.

- How do you value the activity of the parliament?

- I would like to see the parliament tedious. Once I was in Spain on the elections day. Barcelona and Real Madrid were facing on the same day. I saw newspapers next day wrote only about football from first until last pages, but mentioned the parliamentary elections only in a short report. It means that politics are tedious case in the civil countries. It is normal. The scandals are always interesting. I am happy that the political life in Azerbaijan becomes tedious. If you ask French people about the parliamentarians they can not tell you even their names.

- How are the KVN (Club for Lightheaded and Quick-witted) guys?

- Everyone is doing own business. I have no warm relations with some of them, but I highly appreciate their jobs. Most of those guys make good performances. I could to save KVN and no one tackled me, but I thought that I should leave in the peak. Who is doing so in Azerbaijan?

- But some of those guys are making KVN now?

- I wouldn’t like to say anything about the activity of anyone. Heydar Aliyev didn’t o the concerts of Rasheed Behbudov or Zeynab Khanlarova or Miuslim Magomayev repeatedly, but he came to view KVN programs successively for seven times. I will invite to my new project some of those Guys from former KVN.

- Do you see humoristic concerts performing by Rafael and Joshgun?

- No, I don’t. The screenwriter of our team is working with them now. I don’t see their programs, but I know that they have normal humoristic feels. It needs to say true in humoristic programs to make people laughing because truth is very funny.

- You were realizing a project entitled “”…

- This period has already passed. I established first information portal and made one of the strongest media organizations in Azerbaijan. I introduced “” to the whole world and spent all my time and energy for this project. My wife had to visit the events alone which we were invited, she used to say me “everyone will think that we got divorced”. I was writing sms and work with information even at concert. At last, I understood that we’ve done it and it is time to go. We formed public opinion in Armenia by this portal. I understood that new people must come and I left the arena. I did it so at KVN, too.

-The Commission on endings of family names has been established in Azerbaijan. What is your attitude to this?

- I respect Nizami Jafarov, but I can’t understand him. Only Bolsheviks might do it so. Only Bolsheviks might oblige the people to change their family names. Don’t we have other works to do? First, people represented in leadership and famous persons must change their family names, then common people. And then, why they don’t change names? Most of our names are in Arab, Persian origin. National belonging isn’t measured with letters; it must be inside the man. I can’t understand why they made such agiotage. They can’t oblige anyone to do it.

-I understand that you will not change your family name…

- If there will be a voluntary regulation, then I can think about it, but I will not do it under the obligatory rule. Let them put me into prison for this.

-They say that, compulsion will be concerned newborns.

- Who has a right to name my child? If I want, I will give 5 names to my child. There isn’t such thing in the whole world. The more urgent issue is nameless streets in Azerbaijan. One cannot find any street here. Recently I went to Oguz and asked several times where Oguz is situated. Why aren’t there any directing signs on the roads? Let them solve these problems. What will we put instead of Lambaranski family name now? How will we call him after that? Such things are so ridiculous…

-How are your children?

- I have 3 children. One of them is an infant. They are national more than me. Sometimes I am dissatisfied with their reading, but they can speak in 4 languages fluently. My grandmother was a Georgian. I used to discuss about national problems, our history and literature with the Georgian relatives since childhood…

-Don’t you think that one day someone may ask you “Rais ne oldu alinmadi”?

- I don’t think that anyone will ask me such a question. In any case, I hope, such a thing will not happen…
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