Israeli media reveals details of truce-for-hostage deal with Hamas

Israeli media reveals details of truce-for-hostage deal with Hamas
# 22 November 2023 13:40 (UTC +04:00)

As Israel and Hamas announced a truce-for-hostage deal on Wednesday, Israeli media revealed details of the agreement, APA reports citing the Israeli Channel 12.

The deal is expected to be implemented on Thursday or Friday.

Under the Qatar-mediated agreement, 50 Israelis held by Hamas will be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

The deal also includes a four-day pause in fighting and the entry of 300 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid, including fuel, into the Gaza Strip.

The agreement also allows an extension of the cease-fire and the potential release of more children and women held by the two sides.

The channel said the set-to-be-freed Israelis will include 30 children, 8 mothers and 12 other women.

Israel in return will release three Palestinian detainees in exchange for every freed Israeli, the channel said.

According to Israeli Channel 13, between 12 and 13 Israeli hostages will be released daily during the 4-day cease-fire.

Another 20 Israeli hostages could be released for a 2-day extension of the cease-fire, the broadcaster said.

Israel estimates that another 30 hostages can be released from Hamas captivity, the channel said.

“The Israeli army will continue its control over the northern part of the Gaza Strip,” the channel said. “Fuel will only be allowed into Gaza during the cease-fire period,” it added.

Israeli Channel 12 reported that 10 Israeli hostages will be freed in the first stage, to be followed by the release of the first group of Palestinian prisoners.

“This is the best deal you can get at this time,” the Israeli channel said, citing an unnamed Israeli security official.

All the hostages to be freed hold Israeli nationality, an Israeli political source told public broadcaster KAN.

“If Hamas releases foreign nationals, that will be outside the deal,” the source said.

“During the cease-fire period, airstrikes will be suspended for six hours a day,” he added.

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