Sugovushan settlement is of special importance: Azerbaijani President

President Ilham Aliyev

© APA | President Ilham Aliyev

# 04 October 2021 12:11 (UTC +04:00)

"At the same time, two hydroelectric power stations were built by great leader Heydar Aliyev near the reservoir during the Soviet era", said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev during his performance at the Sugovushan settlement of the Tartar region on October 3, APA reports.

"During the war, the enemy destroyed these stations too. More than 30 hydroelectric power stations in Kalbajar and Lachin districts were destroyed by the Armenians during and after the war, when they were given time to leave, and these stations are being restored now. In particular, first of all, work has begun on the restoration of the Sugovushan-1 and Sugovushan-2 hydropower plants, which are already in operational condition. They have been rebuilt, built from scratch. This once again shows our strength and policy. We are taking very serious steps to implement infrastructure projects, and although it has been less than a year since the war ended, see how much work is being done. Sugovushan settlement is of special importance in terms of providing this region with electricity and water. Another important aspect of the liberation of this settlement, I want to say again, is the further strengthening of our moral and psychological superiority.

Now, if we look at the chronology of the war, we can see that six villages, the Murovdagh range and Aghdara mountains were liberated on 27 September, and eight more villages, including Sugovushan settlement and Talish village, were liberated on 3 October. On 4 October, many more villages were liberated, including the town of Jabrayil.

In other words, this gave our army extra strength and morale. We maintained this moral advantage until the last day, until the last minute of the war. The enemy had already started to realize that all their propaganda, all their lies were nothing but fabrications. The enemy's propaganda had been spreading false information about their tactical retreats day and night, and this nonsense was circulated. This is probably a novelty in military practice. They were describing the towns and villages we had already liberated as those where battles were still ongoing. In real life, however, in real battles, everyone saw everything. In particular, the personnel serving in the Armenian army saw that we were winning, that we were moving forward and that no force could stop us. Once Talish and Sugovushan, which were considered almost impossible to seize from a military point of view, were liberated by the Azerbaijani Army, they were convinced that our Victory chronicle would be continued", said President.

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