Nushiravan Maharramli: “The state wanted to establish centralized dubbing studio, but TV Channels did not want it”

Nushiravan Maharramli: “The state wanted to establish centralized dubbing studio, but TV Channels did not want it”
# 23 December 2008 13:13 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Kamala Guliyeva – APA. Foreign radio broadcasts and protection of the Azerbaijani language in TV channels will be discussed at the meeting of the National Television and Radio Council on December 25. National Television and Radio Council banned films in foreign languages, especially in Russian in the local TV channels as from 2008, broadcast of films in Turkish is allowed by this year-end. It is supposed that this term will not be prolonged at the meeting of the council on December 25 and Azerbaijani audience will watch films only in native language as from next year. Are Azerbaijani TV channels ready for this decision?

Head producer of Lider TV channel Murad Dadashov told APA that the channel was ready for the process. Dadashov said he wanted the local channels to broadcast all products in Azerbaijani. According to him, there will be no progress, if concrete decision is not passed in connection with dubbing. Murad Dadashov underlined that the council was late in passing the decision.
“This decision is late. As from the beginning of 2008 TV channels do not broadcast films in foreign language, or broadcast them taking into account certain requirements. For example, one of the requirements is that subtitles in Azeri should be demonstrated while broadcasting a foreign film. On the other hand dubbing of some products is indeed difficult. For example, dubbing of comedies of famous Russian film directors is very difficult. But I consider that the films should be dubbed,” he said.

Dadashov is against the airing of Turkish-speaking films on Azerbaijani TV channels. “It is impossible to air too many Turkish films. We do not see this problem now, but it will appear later. The problem is related to the formation of our national language. The modern Azerbaijani language has already been formed. Influence of the popular, easy and at the same time different language of the Turkish films on it will create very serious problem”. Dadashov said Lider TV’s dubbing plans for the next year was ready. “Lider TV has its own dubbing studio, but we requested the local private dubbing firms and made our orders. Those firms will return us the dubbed versions of the films”.

Adviser to the president of ANS Group of Companies Mais Mammadov said ANS would observe the decision of the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council (NTRBC) from the day of its announcement. “ANS is ready for this process. We are airing the films translated from the different languages on our channel”.

Head of the public relations and monitoring department of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (ITV) Tahir Mammadov told APA that ITV has attached great attention to the fine and correct Azerbaijani language since starting of its broadcasting. ITV preferred to translate the films from Russian even when the Russian-speaking films were allowed to be on air. “One of the ITV first establishments was a Film Dubbing Department. It is the most technically equipped department of the television, which provides airing of the documentaries, movies and animations”. Tahir Mammadov said ITV would observe the NTRBC decision on dubbing despite it demanded big resources.

Dubbing studio of Khazar TV Channel told APA that irrespective of one-year activity, it has two dubbing studios. The number of dubbed films will give chance to obey decision of NTRC.

Vagif Alikhanli, Head of Dubbing Studio of Space TV Channel told APA that TV Channels had material and technical problems and difficulties to dub a film.
Responsible persons of ATV TV Channel declined to take stance on the issue.
Nushiravan Maharramli, Chairman of National Television and Radio Council told APA that the state wanted to establish state centralized dubbing studio to prevent problems.

“Unfortunately, TV Channels did not want it. Every TV Channel stated that it had own dubbing studio”, he said.

To him, there was positive approach towards establishment of centralized dubbing studio in Culture and Tourism Ministry and President’s Office.
“Heads of TV Channels told that they had own dubbing studios”, he added. Asked whether TV Channels agreed to decision of NTRC or not he answered that it is ridiculous to speak about it. Our official language is Azerbaijani. People should come to right conclusion at present. There will not be any concession related to this issue”, he added.