Murdered police officer buried today

Murdered police officer buried today
# 10 May 2007 15:55 (UTC +04:00)
Deputy Interior Minister Oruj Zalov, chief of Baku Main Board of Police Maharram Aliyev and other senior police officials attended the funeral.
Aliyev told the APA Ibrahimov was killed while fulfilling his professional duty. BMPB chief said the murderer will be punished.
“Such incidents are rare in Baku, the murderer will receive severe punishment. He has been previously detained,” he said.
Mr.Aliyev said they will petition for awarding dead and injured police officers.
He said the murderer has been detained and the investigation is under way.
Deputy Interior Ministry Oruj Zalov told the APA the crime was committed by a drunk man.
“The incident occurred by 01.00 at night. The murderer broke public order and behaved badly. Police officers ordered him to keep discipline. He obeyed at first, but then suddenly assaulted on the police officer. Ibrahimov died of the injury,” he said.
Baku resident drunk Azer Seyidaga Zakir breaking public order stabbed police sergeants Amil Ibrahimov and Arif Ismayilov who ordered him to keep discipline. The former detainee Zakir’s blows injured Ibrahimov on his throat and Ismayilov on his arm. Both police officials were hospitalized. But Ibrahimov died of the injury in hospital. The condition of other injured is satisfactory.
The murderer Zakir has been detained. The investigation is under way. /APA/
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