Russian political analyst: Vladimir Putin's visit to Baku has dispelled the notion that the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are tense

Russian political analyst: Vladimir Putin
# 14 August 2013 16:58 (UTC +04:00)

Member of the Carnegie Moscow Center, well-known Russian political analyst, professor Alexey Malashenko told APA’s Moscow bureau that the Russian President’s visit to Baku is of great importance: “This visit shows Russia’s support for the Azerbaijani state and authorities. Vladimir Putin paid his first visit to Azerbaijan among the South Caucasian countries after his election as president for the third time. It proves that Russia attaches importance to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is the most important strategic country of the South Caucasus. West, especially the United States have strong interests in this country. Russia doesn’t want to lose Azerbaijan as a partner.”

Malashenko said that with this visit Vladimir Putin put an end to the recent tense relations between Russia and Azerbaijan: “Both presidents noted the importance of the two countries for each other. I’m sure that Ilham Aliyev will win the presidential elections in October this year. The Russian state also knows it. Therefore, they attach significance to the dialogues with Ilham Aliyev administration and enhancement of the relations.”

Director of the Institute for Caspian Cooperation, politician Sergei Mikheev told APA’s Moscow bureau that the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Baku once more shows that Azerbaijan is a very important country for Russia: “This visit has also dispelled the notion that the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are tense. If the relations between the two countries are so strained as reported, no factor could force Vladimir Putin to visit Baku, especially before the elections.”

“Earlier, Putin planned to visit Iran, but it didn’t take place. The visit to Baku was very important for both countries,” said Vladimir Evseyev, director of the Center for Public Policy Research and political-military expert.

“Putin administration once again made sure that the Azerbaijani people support the authorities and Ilham Aliyev will win in the upcoming elections. Otherwise, the Russian President would not have visited Baku.”

Evseyev also commented on Armenia’s concern over the Russian President’s visit to Baku. According to him, the West continues to have an impact on the South Caucasus: “Each country makes its own choice. The difference is that the choice of Azerbaijan, as always, is comprehensive. But such a position of Armenia is unclear. The question is the signing of an agreement with the European Union. Misunderstanding is that this country and Russia have allied relations. There are no such relations between Azerbaijan and Russia. These allied relations don’t give right to Armenia to take such a step.

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