Political analyst: “Pre-visit frenzy between the two countries disappeared as soap bubble after Putin’s visit” - POLL

Political analyst: “Pre-visit frenzy between the two countries disappeared as soap bubble after Putin’s visit” - <span style="color: red;">POLL
# 14 August 2013 12:57 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. Azerbaijan’s political analysts have commented on the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Azerbaijan. Political analyst Gabil Huseynli told APA that pre-visit frenzy between the two countries disappeared as soap bubble after Putin’s visit.

“It seems that certain critical views expressed by the US President Barack Obama about Vladimir Putin have also played a role in this issue. Russia preferred to act more cautiously.” Huseynli said that Azerbaijan had some expectations from Russia and promised certain compromises with this regard: “In general, Vladimir Putin’s attention was drawn to the fact that Russia was unable to meet all geo-strategic interests. Moreover, agreements were noticed in some principled issues. For example, re-commissioning of Baku-Novorossiysk pipeline, lifting of the embargo on arms sales to Azerbaijan, as well as Azerbaijan’s participation in some Russian unions as an observer and etc. Now the question is about the Customs Committee. Azerbaijan’s condition is that Russia must take the first step in several issues. For example, arms sales and the frenzy around Azerbaijan. According to the politician, though Putin didn’t make concrete compromises on the Nargono Karabakh conflict, one can expect something regarding the fate of the conflict solution. The main issue is that the situation resembling a cold war between Azerbaijan and Russia was eliminated after the visit.”

MP, political analyst Rasim Musabeyov told APA that the visit is very important. “After Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin for the second time it seemed the dialogue with Azerbaijan was stopped, but this visit has restored the dialogue. It seems they have determined that one must work only with Ilham Aliyev and paid the visit without waiting for the elections. It has been proved that Azerbaijan is an important partner for Russia. Azerbaijan is an important partner for Russia regarding South Corridor, North Caucasus, Iran and so on. Of course, all this should be and will be realized through the principle of equal-right partnership and pragmatically.

According to Musabeyov, he does not expect concrete results from the visit regarding Azerbaijan’s major problem Nagorno Karabakh conflict. He said anyway, Azerbaijan’s President has taken arguments from this visit and it will be seen in the future talks. Touching on Putin’s Common Customs Union project, the political analyst said Russia has never offered Azerbaijan to join the union.

MP, political analyst Musa Gasimli told APA that Russia and Azerbaijan have obvious interests in the mutual relations and the documents signed aim to improve the relations.

“I consider that the realization of these documents will take the mutual relations to a new level. The statements issued by both presidents require serious analysis. Putin’s views regarding cooperation with Azerbaijan are important. It should be appreciated that he wants to see Azerbaijan as a friend. We expect Putin’s statements to be followed by practical steps. Russia should at least demonstrate fair position as a co-chair of Minsk Group. Moreover, Russia has once more seen that Azerbaijan is not a state that can be talked to with threats, it is fully independent,” he said.

The political analyst said the views voiced by some opposition forces on the eve of Putin’s visit proved to be groundless.

“For example, those who established the National Council and cherished hopes for this visit saw that they are not National Council, they are national disaster,” he said.

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