Egyptian charge d'affaires to Azerbaijan: “Decision to disperse demonstrators is in line with Egypt’s laws”

Egyptian charge d
# 14 August 2013 15:09 (UTC +04:00)

He noted that the goal of the revolution in 2011 was to improve the living conditions of the Egyptian people, but it didn’t happen after the election of Mohammed Morsi as president: “Over the last year, the people of Egypt hoped for the improvement of economic situation. During this period, the people realized that their demands were not fulfilled and Morsi’s policy didn’t meet expectations.”

According to the charge d'affaires, following the election of Mohammed Morsi, for the first time in Egypt’s history the Constitutional Court was taken under control and it affected the independence of judges: “Persons close to the government were appointed to various positions and attempts were made to adopt various bills expanding the president’s authorities. These steps are contrary to the legislation and international law. The Egyptian people realized that the foreign and domestic policy of the country is determined in the Muslim Brotherhood’s residency not in the Presidential Administration. Therefore the people took to the streets to protest against this policy.”

Haitham Galal said that the army supports the people’s will: “Road map has been drawn up for the development of democracy in the country. This document envisages ensuring rule of law, developing a new constitution within 3-4 months, holding parliamentary elections within 4-5 months and presidential elections no later than 9 months.”

Haitham Galal stressed that all of these events take place away from the touristic zones: “The situation in tourist resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh is stable and there are no threats for tourists.”

Commenting on the ongoing Egyptian unrest resulted in killing of a number of people, charge d'affaires said that the decision to disperse demonstrators corresponds to Egypt’s laws: “There are armed men among protesters, so government troops are obliged to use force to disperse them.”

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