Aurelia Grigoriu: “I have demanded to bring to justice the persons exerting pressure on me" - EXCLUSIVE

Aurelia Grigoriu: “I have demanded to bring to justice the persons exerting pressure on me" - <span style="color: red;">EXCLUSIVE
# 02 August 2013 09:39 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Shamil Alibeyli – APA. The representatives of the Armenian Diaspora continue to threat Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Moldova Aurelia Grigoriu. Aurelia Grigoriu told APA that the mayor of Rishkan village and Rishkan Police Commission have taken certain steps to humiliate her dignity, reputation as a Parliamentary Advocate and exert psychological pressure on her, following her speech in Yerevan on July 4.

Grigoriu said that mayor of Rishkan village had sent a letter demanding disinfection of her house: “The Commissariat started to take specific measures as I sent the official response to the mayor. An unknown man in civilian clothes wanted to enter our house on August 31. My mother did not allow it, then the man said he would break the door. As my mother said she would call me, he cut the phone lines and left.”

On July 1, A.Grigoriu’s sister Victoria Grigoriu appealed to Mikhail Vasluyan, an area inspector: “Vasluyan said that I will bear responsibility for the topic that I touched on in Yerevan. He also said Aurelia can not take any step, because he will send employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and TV workers to our house. When he was asked why these steps are being taken he said that there was the inhabitants’ appeal. Allegedly I abandoned my mother and she is hungry. Vasluyan doesn’t deny that these measures are purposeful action taken by the authorities against me.”

The Moldovan commissioner added that she regarded the steps of praetor, police commissioner and area inspector as persecution, intervention in parliamentarian’s work, abuse of power and violation of human rights: “In this regard, I appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Interior Ministry of Moldova and demanded to bring them to justice under the Criminal Code’s article 328 (abuse of power).”