Head of MFA speaks about enclave issue between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov

© APA | Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov

# 27 December 2021 12:01 (UTC +04:00)

"Our territories have been under occupation for about 30 years. Liberation of our territories from occupation, taking full control of borders with Armenia last year paved the way for determination of borders in civil form," said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov as a response to APA's question on enclave at the press conference on finals of the year today.

"Start of this process was reflected in the framework of trilateral format at Sochi meeting on November 26. Azerbaijan has agreed with the establishment of a Working Group for the start of delimitation in even May of this year. But Armenia put forward certain terms, that was why the process did not start at that time. In this case, establishment of the commission would become a long, endless process," noted J. Bayramov.

Minister stressed that the issue of enclaves is a reality, no one can deny it: "Regardless of references to different maps, there have been residential settlements, existing over hundreds of years, during the Soviet period. It is impossible to deny the issue of enclaves. But there are issues such as the form of solution of the issue in the current period, ways to there, etc. Solution of the issue of enclaves can occur during merely delimitation process. That is why establishment of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Working Group is essential. Azerbaijan has stated its readiness for it. Does establishment of the Working Group and start of the process mean solution of the issues in a short period of time? We should also be realistic. It will not be a short-term process. Conduction of systematic and durable work in this field is important. Azerbaijan's approach is that the process should be conducted on the negotiation table, no tension should be created among servicemen, it should not be allowed. It is the best way. The best way for it is the conduction of a discussion by specialists on a negotiation table."