Head of MFA: “Austria wants stable South Caucasus”

Alexander Schallenberg, Austria’s Foreign Minister

© APA | Alexander Schallenberg, Austria’s Foreign Minister

# 02 February 2022 13:15 (UTC +04:00)

“We as an Austria and a member of European Union want peaceful, stable and prosperous South Caucasus and completely support it, we had also came with this message while visiting the region on behalf of the organization's High Representative Joseph Borrell, said Austria’s Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg at the joint press conference with his Armenian counterpart, APA reports.

“I see the ongoing process in the region and inspired by this. The last time I visited Armenia was in June 2021, the mood changed in comparison to that time. I believe that there are potential and prospects. Yes, we need to work on tensions in the region for confidence. Within this framework, one of the elements is to take conscious steps in the field of normalization of relations with turkey. I think that it is a big step for both the entire region and Armenian people,” stressed the head of the MFA.