French ambassador: "Achieving peace in the region has never been so close"

Zacharie Gross, Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan

© APA | Zacharie Gross, Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan

# 25 January 2022 19:50 (UTC +04:00)

"Achieving peace in the region has never been so close," said Zacharie Gross, Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan, APA reports.

"The French and the Germans have fought for many years. In the last 150 years, there have been 3 wars between two countries, and millions of people have lost their lives from both sides. Newspapers, magazines from both countries have carried out propaganda for long years and introduced the opposite side as an enemy. Propaganda has been carried out in our schools, hateful nationalism has been promoted. But today both countries are friends, are close to their history, proud of their history and culture. After that, the war between our countries is unbelievable, our countries have made peace, we have cleared our territories of mines, and our cooperation in various fields has developed. We have deep daily relations in the border areas. Most importantly, we have jointly created the European Union.

I consider that this experience is also interesting for Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus.

I wish you to be from a generation that established peace in your region and achieved peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is true the peace is not fully ensured, this road is complicated, there are traps on this road, but achieving peace in the region has never been so close," said Zacharie Gross.

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