Farid Shafiyev: “Armenia understands that the only way is normalization of relation with Azerbaijan”

Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Board of the International Relations Analysis Center

© APA | Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Board of the International Relations Analysis Center

# 28 December 2021 12:31 (UTC +04:00)

The meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian leaders in Brussels was a turning point, the chairman of the Center for Analysis of International Relations Farid Shafiyev said at the press conference on the finals of the activity of the Center in 2021, APA reports.

He noted that one of the main priorities in the next year is to convey theses regarding post-conflict to the international community.

F. Shafiyev stated that Azerbaijan’s economic development, achievements, contributions to international security allow the country to get different status.

According to the chairman, an international event on this issue is planned to be held in Shusha, and the participation of international experts in this event is expected.

Touching upon Azerbaijani-Armenian relations F. Shafiyev noted that a positive dynamic in taking steps towards normalization of relations is observed in 2021: “Sochi and Brussels meeting of the leaders should be noted especially. Positive messages are noted from the Armenian government too, recently. Armenian leadership understands that the country’s prospects are limited, the only way is the normalization of relation with neighboring countries, as well as with Azerbaijan.”

According to him, Nikol Pashinyan's victory in the elections does not mean that the Armenian community is completely ready for peace with Azerbaijan, but they understand that such continuation of the process is not good also for them: "Although it was not in the document form, the positive results have been achieved in the Brussels meeting, it was turning point".

F.Safiyev does not exclude that positive results could be achieved within the informal summit of CIS heads of state in St. Petersburg today.