French ambassadors express regret by President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-Israel retreat

French President Emmanuel Macron

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# 14 November 2023 14:10 (UTC +04:00)

Many French ambassadors to the Middle East have expressed their regret by French President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-Israel retreat, APA reports, citing Yemen Press Agency.

Many French ambassadors to the Middle East and some Maghreb countries, about a dozen, according to the newspaper “Le Figaro”, wrote and signed a collective memorandum, in which they regrated the pro-Israel retreat taken by French President Emmanuel Macron in the ongoing war between the Jewish state and Hamas.

The joint memorandum was sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and to the Elysee, and a French diplomat briefed on it said: “This is not a joke, but in the memo, which cannot be described as an opposition note, these ambassadors emphasize that our pro-Israel position at the beginning of the crisis is currently misunderstood in the Middle East, and it contradicts our traditional balanced position on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.”

The ambassadors expressed concern about the repercussions of the situation on France’s interests in the region. The newspaper article reveals a split within the French Foreign Ministry over their country’s position on what is happening.