Australian MP: "We want to use Azerbaijan's experience in our country"

Australian MP: "We want to use Azerbaijan
# 11 April 2018 19:55 (UTC +04:00)

“We monitored 6 polling stations in Baku. We saw the existence of discipline. There was no interference or anxiety,” said member of the Australian Parliament Craig Kelly.

He noted that everyone freely participate in the elections and use their voting right. According to him they have educed some conclusions related to the elections and will implement in their country: “The first of these is that you require an identity card. The second is that invisible ink is applied to the finger, which does not permit to vote for a second time. The urns are made of transparent plastic. This is also very good. In our country, ballot boxes are not transparent, they do not require identification cards, they do not put ink on fingers.”

Kelly congratulated the Central Election Commission: "I learned a lot of new things and I propose to apply it in Australia. I saw the birth date of voters, there was a man born in 1928. This means that he is 90 years old. This is a significant day for him, since he voted in democratic conditions. "