NATO conducting clearly confrontational policy towards Russia — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

© APA | Russian President Vladimir Putin

# 08 December 2021 20:43 (UTC +04:00)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that NATO is conducting a clearly confrontational policy towards Russia, APA reports citing TASS.

"As far as NATO is concerned, it is a military alliance. Regrettably, this bloc is conducting a clearly confrontational policy towards Russia," Putin told a news conference following Russian-Greek talks.

He stressed that the expulsion of diplomats, which resulted in the closure of NATO’s liaison office in Moscow, indicated that the alliance was "unfriendly towards Russia, to put it mildly."

Also, Putin recalled that NATO declared Russia as its adversary.

"There is nothing good about this. We do not seek any confrontations with anyone," Putin said, adding he hoped that Greece would take a reserved position in this respect.

He pointed out that Greece’s membership of NATO and the EU had never hindered bilateral relations.

"I hope that this will be so further on, and we will be able to count on our Greek friends’ positive role in relations with these two associations. Honestly, I do not see any big problems here," the Russian leader said.