National Endowment for Democracy - generator of coups and chaos - ANALYSIS

National Endowment for Democracy - generator of coups and chaos - <span style="color: red;">ANALYSIS
# 10 June 2015 10:35 (UTC +04:00)

Baku- APA-Analytics. Among the topics discussed in recent days again there are hearings on Azerbaijan. In the United States or Europe, though still there is no such information, it is possible that such discussions could be held somewhere in Africa. Thus, these processes are certainly controlled from a single center.

A superficial study of any disasters involving the revolutionary events of the past 25 years emerges all the same center. Sometimes clearly and openly, but more covertly.

This center is called the NED. Full name of the organization is funded by the US Government - National Endowment for Democracy, that is, the National Endowment for Democracy. The presence of NED is seen in all the global and tragic events happening from the bombing of Milosevic’s Serbia in 2000 to the ongoing Civil War in Ukraine.

In parallel with NED, some organizations such as IRI (International Republican Institute) and NDI (National Democratic Institute) are actively involved in funding such movements.

All three of the above structures are presented as non-government organizations. And ostensibly not dependent from the US government. But, at the same time, the funding of these organizations is openly or indirectly carried out by that government. These organizations that operate under a particular government are trying to discredit the international arena NGOs in other countries, calling them GONGO (Government Organized Non-Governmental Organization – “governmental NGOs").

It is interesting that no international organization, in the background of this campaign to discredit, recalls NED, IRI or the NDI that they are directly dependent on the US government. That is, they, being the most real GONGO, vilified and placed a negative opinion concerning the safety of its objectivity (in fact, did not obey the instructions of the three U.S organization) NGOs a distant country. If the organization for a long times their corresponding devotion, suddenly at some point abandon radicalism in relation to their governments, they are immediately assigned GONGO stigma against them and immediately launched slanderous exhaust mechanism.

But what these NGO’s, selling their spirit to American GONGO gains? Or, what is their "contribution" to their own country?

To answer these questions is enough to draw attention to events, ranging from the direct occupation of Iraq by the United States in 1990 to today's Syria. And efforts to reveal the essence of “contribution” are not necessary. Because everything is so open that it is clear even to people, ignorant of the current world order.

Suffice it to consider the "success" of some countries is close to Azerbaijan achieved through NED and the other two organizations.

More or less interested in politics will recall woes, which at the time faced Serbia, torn by a wave of separatism and civil war. NATO forces led by the US bombing Belgrade in 2000, have a legitimate change of power in this country. Serbia has been ruined. So it was with a kind. In fact, NED and similar organizations before fully armed Serb political activists. That was not a gunshot, and the "peaceful" weapons. The aim of US strategy to instill the skills of Serbian youth "peaceful revolution", was to overthrow the pro-Russian regime and bringing to power pro-US forces for the smooth management of the country.

And overthrew. However, not peacefully, as planned, but by bombing from the air. What then? Then - what happened with Serbia?

The country could not prevent the secession of Kosovo. Because NATO through open intervention and support to ensure full separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Events took a tragic character. Is their goal was not only to ensure a democratic, pluralistic society? Why these questions have gone into the background, giving way to the "freedom" of Kosovo? As Serbia has benefited from this? Of course nothing, but losses. The loss of territory is the heaviest loss for any country. Someone who, as is well known to Azerbaijanis.

By "the auspices of" achieving "democracy" in Serbia, NED and the company eventually sold the hidden purpose: The collapse of Serbia! Who believed NED slogans of "democracy" the Serbs later realized the true essence of the matter - but it was too late. Kosovo under the protection of NATO in 2008 declared its independence, which was quickly recognized by a number of countries led by the EU.

In parallel with the "Serbian operation”, NED continued to "work" over Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

In 2003, 36-year-old Mikheil Saakashvili and his supporters, backed by the United States, toppled then-world-famous Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze in a matter of hours. The coup took place so suddenly that even Russia, the region’s main powerhouse, did not have a chance to intervene. Since November 2003, Georgia has turned out to be a trouble for Russia, its close neighbor –with temptations from the US. What’s more, dividers also were on the move here as in Serbia. Abkhazia and South Ossetia used to reject the Tbilisi government, apparently standing against Georgia. And Saakashvili, who had won the 2004 presidential elections, started to rely on the United States in decision-making, claiming that he would by this means restore the country’s territorial integrity. Involved in this affair, without doubt, were NED and other organizations as well as others close to them.

Saakashvili were so confident of the United States, whom he had put his trust in, that he also made serious mistakes, the biggest of which was the incitement of war on the Abkhazian and South Ossetian separatists in 2008. Of course, Russia took immediate actions as it is the main game changer in processes in the South Caucasus. Russian tanks moved to an area 30km from Tbilisi. It enabled Abkhazia and South Ossetia to further consolidate their position so much so it now seems almost impossible that they would ever come under Tbilisi rule again.

The events looked like Russia punishing Tbilisi, but we must also remember that it was on the other hand a show of power against the West, which separated Kosovo from Serbia. Serbia still remains a Russian fore post in central Europe and any intruders would someday suffer the consequences. This retaliation could have been possible in a different way, too, instead of Georgia. Saakashvili, who had been incited – but was ultimately abandoned – by the US, ended up playing into the hands of Russia.

The US responded with statements only, while the Georgians and Saakashvili himself were naively expecting NATO to defend them. But it did not happen. The US and the western coalition, who had launched lightning attacks in Iraq, left Georgia’s fate to Russia. Of course, NED and its surrounding chose to remain silent…

Subsequent process drove Saakashvili himself out of his own country; If Saakashvili comes to Georgia today, he will be arrested right away. The United States is unable to change this stand-off, too.

What did Georgia get from all these processes? Something like what Serbia had gotten; the country lost territory and there is no visible sign of the economic development that had been promised…

Parallel to Georgia, another destination for NED was Ukraine. As in Serbia, youth in this country too were being mobilized, with new organizations being created. The country was preparing for a revolution. It was hard to imagine that this revolution would draw the country to the current situation. Experts estimate that Ukraine will be stand on its feet as an independent, democratic country and will be aided by the West. Today’s separatism – permanent loss of Crimea – the country is facing is a surprise to everyone.

When Viktor Yushchenko, the revolution’s leader who had been backed by the US and elected President of Ukraine, did not receive the support promised to him, the country faced a new wave of perturbations. Because he was unsuccessful in economic and other fields, he lost next presidential elections. Ukraine now had to return to the zero before the orange revolution and start again. That is, empty promises from the United States resulted in the country losing another four years.

NED and it surrounding were again behind these processes, and still are. They claim that they are going to bring democracy for the people of Ukraine. And the “democracy” they sought to bring has already earned the Ukrainians the loss of Crime and the Donbass separatism, which has claimed 7,000 lives…

The support re-promised to Ukraine has not yet arrived. The EU and the US sometimes hold separate sometimes joint discussions, claiming to have pressed Russia into the corner. But suffering is Ukrainian citizens. What is hard to understand is that why Ukrainian believe these fake promises.

By the way, whoever travels to Ukraine can see armed soldiers checking passengers. So is the state of that beautiful Ukraine and there is no near end to this state.

Following the orange revolution in Ukraine in 2004, NED and its allies targeted Kyrgyzstan. The completion of preparations there drew the Central Asian country, which was already plunging in economic hardship, to yet another revolution.

It should be noted that at the time of Ukraine’s orange revolution in 2004 there were prognoses about Kyrgyzstan as well as opinions about Azerbaijan. There even claims that the next revolution would occur in Azerbaijan.

By the spring of 2005, however, Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev had been toppled and some new forces had seized the power. And the impoverished Central Asian country had suffered another setback. It’s also true that some claimed at the time that Russia preceded the United States regarding the Kyrgyz revolution. Either way, NED was involved, or the Kyrgyz people did not benefit from it but experienced more tragedies instead.

After the 2005 revolution, armed clashes occurred on Kyrgyzstan between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz Turks, Kyrgyz Turks and Ahiska Turks. And the country is still trying to heal their wounds and achieve peace. As in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine, NED’s aspirations of democracy led to civil disorders, discrimination and economic lagging.

Of course, Azerbaijan is also included in NED’s plans. It was so at that time too. However, there is a distinction: as the person leading Azerbaijan and his team, at the same time, media and NGOs defining interests of the country correctly, political opposition with small exclusions understand the NED’s aspirations, the adventures fail. This led to the fact that Azerbaijan left the civil disorders behind, could destroy new separatism hearths and managed to prevent the elimination of the tension in Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding districts occupied by Armenia. If, on the hand, the reason for this is a powerful and stable power in the country, on the other hand, it is the confidence of the Azerbaijani people to the government and the right conclusions drawn from what happened in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Azerbaijan also witnesses the bloody events going on in Iraq, Egypt, Tunis, Libya and Syria. The Azerbaijani people are also well aware that the game of “democracy” of NED plays an important role in the continuation of these bloodsheds and the transformation of these countries into a long strip of civil war.

NED’s parallel activity is not restricted with this. This organization uses the Radio Liberty, as well as US-controlled NGO’s as its megaphone. On one side themselves, on the other side the Radio Liberty and media outlets like it, which were recognized as free media heralds and financed by the CIA, put pressure on Azerbaijan. Yes, continuously. The most remarkable thing is that as Azerbaijan began to disseminate information on holding the first European Games, NED and its propaganda institutions are getting angrier and trying to be tougher on the country. As a type of activity, they chose to hold a series of "hearings". However, they are exposing themselves.

The fact is that, as a rule their shows of "hearings" are always unilateral. Still, as it's not enough, they are listening to the same people at “hearings”. Moreover, they don’t say anything new, they are repeating same thoughts and charges. Proposals have been repeatedly made to hold such hearings not unilaterally but in the balanced form. It was wanted to invite the Azerbaijani authorities that are being accused and persons who have a neutral position on the issues. They are not only turning deaf ear to these challenges but totally ignoring them. NEDs and "Freedom"s, demonstrating such an approach, want to teach others a lesson of democracy as they taught Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia…

By the way, rapporteurs of these organizations are also the same people. They are Kanan Aliyev, Arzu Geybulla, Richard Kauzlarich and David Kramer undoubtedly serving as "invincible" soldiers of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda. The reason for their launching a smear campaign against Azerbaijan is also known: it is their own form of existence. They know that they won’t be useful if not engaged in anti-Azerbaijani propaganda.

In the meantime, it can be added that the European Parliament also held "hearings”. The situation is the same there: same people are speaking about the same issues. The date is not fixed accidentally either. They chose the eve of opening of European Games to cast a shadow on Azerbaijan’s hosting this first sports festival. However, they are forgetting that their lies will fail as the athletes and journalists will see the situation here with their own eyes.

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