Ilham Aliyev: Growth of threats to global peace poses serious danger to peaceful co-existence of nations

Ilham Aliyev: Growth of threats to global peace poses serious danger to peaceful co-existence of nations
# 26 April 2018 11:04 (UTC +04:00)

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has addressed a message to the participants of the international conference, titled Acts of Genocides against Turkic-Muslim Nations in the 20th Century”, which is underway in Azerbaijan’s Gusar district.

The message was read out by Ali Hasanov, president’s assistant for public and political affairs, APA reports.

The message notes that these days falls on the centennial of the genocide committed against Azerbaijanis by Armenian Dashnaks and Bolsheviks in 1918.

“The massacres and pogroms committed on the national and religious ground in different regions of Azerbaijan in that period were especially inhumane in Gusar, where the conference is organized today. The multinational and multi-confessional Azerbaijani society never forgets the acts of ethnic cleansing, deportation, terror and genocide committed against our people throughout history, and honors the memory of the victims,” President Aliyev said in his message.

The head of state stressed that the increase of threats to global peace and tranquility poses a serious danger to peaceful co-existence and mutually beneficial cooperation of nations.

“Unfortunately, extremism and terrorism caused by national, racial and religious discrimination have become bitter realities of the modern era,” he said.

The president’s message says that the international community’s double-standard approach to the ongoing bloody conflicts and mass violence in different parts of our planet poses a major obstacle to the prevention of these horrors and disasters.

“The objective, legal and political assessment of all ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts is of great importance in protecting the world from bloody tragedies and inhumane actions of destructive forces. Therefore, a thorough study of the dark pages of history, the disclosure of realities based on facts and analyzes will play an important role in making fair decisions. I believe that fruitful discussions to be held at the conference will continue the positive scientific traditions in the field of genocide investigation, and will give a powerful impetus to the publication of the works of world scientists. I wish you every success in your honorable and responsible work," added the Azerbaijani president.

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