Barack Obama and John McCain debate face-to-face

Barack Obama and John McCain debate face-to-face
# 27 September 2008 10:32 (UTC +04:00)
Washington–APA. Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain debated face-to-face at the University of Mississippi for the first time, APA reports.
The debate lasted an hour and a half. The candidates exchanged views on the US financial crisis, national security problems, situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, prospects on relations with Russia. McCain stated Russia’s military intervention in Georgia caused to difficult situation.
“We want to work with Russians together, but we have right to demand them to respect territories within the framework of international legal norms. I believe that “cold war” would not return again. We should strengthen positions of our friend and allies,” he said.
Obama stressed impossibility of returning of “cold war” and stated that aggressive Russia is a danger for peace and stability in the region.
“Their actions in Georgia are unacceptable. We should explain Russians that it could not be a super state and dictator in 21st century,” he said.
Candidates of both of democrats and republicans supported Georgia and Ukraine’s NATO memberships. McCain blamed Russia to impede adoption of decisions by UN Security Council against Iran. To him, establishment of “League of Democracies” will be a good way out of a situation.
“I have proposed to establish “League of Democracies “consisting of common values, interests, ideas, as well as controlling a big part of economic power of world. These countries can impose serious sanctions against Iran,” he said. To him, the League can include the US, as well as Great Britain, France, Germany and other countries.
Next debate will be held on October 7.
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