Landslides causing cracks on walls of houses in Azerbaijan’s Shamakh

Landslides causing cracks on walls of houses in Azerbaijan’s Shamakh
# 22 January 2018 15:05 (UTC +04:00)

Cracks have formed on the walls of houses in Gushchu village of Azerbaijan’s Shamakhi district as a result of continual landslides that have intensified after large amounts of precipitation over the past month.

Landslides occur in the village on a daily basis, bringing masses of soil from nearby uplands onto houses, APA’s local bureau reported.

An 8ha-area of land has become subject to landslide in the last few days, creating huge ravines and causing groundwater to rise to the surface. Landslide has quickly engulfed residential areas and buildings as well. The affected area is 1,500 meters in length and 180 meters in width. The ravines are 2 meters in depth.

As a result of landslides, fences, trees, sown areas remained underground, houses and auxiliary buildings were damaged. In recent days, big cracks formed on the walls of 10 houses in Kushchu village. There is also a threat of flooding of a fount which provides 300 houses with drinking water. The road leading to the fount closed as a result of landslides.

Representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Shamakhi District Executive Authority inspected the landslide-affected area and met with residents.

More than 400 houses were damaged during the landslide that took place in the district center as well as in seven villages, Shamakhi district Executive Power told APA's local bureau.

The landslide is more frequent in Shamakhi, as well as in Cabani, Madrasa, Meysari, Birinci Chayli, Muganli, Adzhidere and Kaleybugurt villages in the district.

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