What happened in Ganja: Terror against State, Secularism, Religion and Stability - ANALYSIS

<span style="color: red;">What happened in Ganja : Terror against State, Secularism, Religion and Stability - <span style="color: red;">ANALYSIS
# 11 July 2018 05:27 (UTC +04:00)

On July 10, 2018, a radical religious group of 150-200 people attempted to brutally disturb public tranquility in front of the administrative building of Ganja City Executive Power.

In a joint statement of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Committee, it is said that the participants of the unsanctioned protest action ignoring the warnings of the police officers, who were carrying out their service duties, resisted the law enforcement officers with their sharp and cutting tools. As a result, while suppressing unlawful actions committed by radical persons, two police officers - Ganja City Police Chief Colonel Ilgar Balakishiyev and Deputy Chief of the Nizami District Police Department, police colonel-lieutenant Samad Abbasov were martyred with cutting tools as a result of the attacks by radical elements.

Thanks to the decisive measures taken by police, their illegal actions were stopped, more than 30 persons were detained, and public tranquility in the city was fully secured.

The city continues to live its normal, quiet life.

... However, the fact is that two police officers were killed in the second big city of the country, a terrorist act was committed, a group of people tried to destabilize the country from Ganja.

It is clear that a group of unknown persons who appeared on the central square, armed with crowbar and other cold weapons, hiding behind (shouting!) the exclamations of “Allah Akbar” is an enemy of stability.

Who are these people? Believers? Absolutely not. The murdered police officer Samad Abbasov is a brother of the Akhund of the famous Imamzada complex in Ganja, Haji Tahir Abbasov, one of the city's most famous and hereditary believers. This fact in itself says that nothing in a sequence of events happens by accident. In these events, religion, stability, and that is, all values ​​considered sacred for the STATE and STATEHOOD are targeted.

Even if children would watch the attempt to commit the riots in Ganja could understand perfectly that, despite the presence of some problems in the country, as the day before, the head of state himself commented on the officials and gave them appropriate instructions, this is not a popular protest. This incident - a planned operation for the region forces seeking to destabilize the situation in the country, the opposition of the people with the authorities.


After the incident and subsequent official statements by law enforcement agencies, supporters of the aforementioned gang “come to action” in social networks, spreading absurd and insubstantial statements like “the authorities themselves organized the killing of two police officers to create the appearance of an attempted riots.”

Meanwhile, the video, which they themselves distributed in the view of an agitated employee of one of the radical sites, captures the moment of the group's attack on the police and the imposition of officers with cold steel.

Apparently, they did not succeed in “concocting” a more “reasonable” argument for the justified expression of their hatred of power. What kind of “sharp” mind does one need to possess in order to assume that the authorities organize the killing of high-ranking police officers?


The events in Ganja showed that certain forces try to shake the sovereignty, secularity and stability of Azerbaijan. The intention is unknown from where and for what reason a group of radicals appearing on the square is an attempt to destabilize the situation, causing riots in the city. In fact, frankly speaking, the plot is so primitive and illiterate that the center (or centers) is clearly visible, which prepared the above-mentioned “worshipers” and directed them.We know whose hands did it. These hands are not from us, they are stretching from the outside. They are constantly drawn to the INDEPENDENCE of their motherland and "keep ready" forces that are eager to grab them and kiss them at any moment.


It is necessary to immediately apply the most severe penalties provided for by law, to find and bring to justice the perpetrators and instigators of this crime. There should be no indulgence for those who have fought for our stability and secularism, who are striving to achieve a confrontation in the country.

Those who calling themselves “political opposition” in the social networks demonstrate support for different anarchist groups.


The people are angry because of those events, because the Azerbaijanis did not take anyone's life, even in the period of the liberation struggle for gaining independence from the empire. Now, the citizens of this already INDEPENDENT country do not “fight” through murders and terrorist attacks, the struggle are civilized by the CITIZENS of this country. Each CITIZEN of this country, in fact, is angry with the carriers of the “intimidated” in foreign cells of the brain, and their hands with crowbars. The CITIZEN of this country did not go and never will go with a crowbar or a bat to his policeman, brother; after all, in fact, we are all of the same blood and faith. The CITIZEN of this country knows those HANDS that hold scrap, throw stones or kill policemen, that's why they rightly curses the owners of those hands, calls them traitors.

Even if it was announced five days ago, the people did not support this violence, riot, did not join it, but Azerbaijan such as Ganja, owed to curse this terror.

And here is the final conclusion that comes from all above mentioned:

The people of Azerbaijan choose the STATE, INDEPENDENCE, DIGNITY and SUSTAINABILITY. Those who try to break these values will see the CITIZEN in front of them!

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