Iranian plane transporting weapons to Armenia: Tehran has nothing to say in the face of the truth?

Iranian plane transporting weapons to Armenia:   Tehran has nothing to say in the face of the truth?
# 08 April 2024 14:25 (UTC +04:00)

In recent days, information about the intensive transportation of military cargo from Iran to Armenia has been spreading. Telegram channels controlled by Iran also share various photo facts related to those claims. According to the information, only from March 29 to April 4, at least 5 flights from Sarab and Tehran to Armenia were carried out by the "BOING" type cargo plane, which was previously used by the SEPAH for the transportation of military cargo.

According to some experts, Iran intends to create pressure on Azerbaijan by arming Armenia and by deliberately circulating allegations about it. The statements made by some Iranian officials against Azerbaijan in recent days also strengthen this conclusion.

In any case, the issue is at the center of attention of the Azerbaijani public. However, Iranian officials neither confirm nor deny the information spread this time. As APA, we have repeatedly sent inquiries to the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan regarding the issue, but the diplomatic representation shows that it intends to continue its silence. This silence may have shown that the spreading allegations are true and Iran has nothing to say in the face of the truth. Or because neither Tehran nor its embassy in Baku "does not deign" to comment on the issue that worries the Azerbaijani public.

Information about Iran's arming of Armenia is no longer a surprise for the Azerbaijani public. The fact that Tehran, which thrived on Islamic solidarity and "historical friendship-fraternity" relations until the Patriotic War, transported various military equipment to Armenia from the Anzali and Novshahr ports during the war, being alarmed by the successive victories of Azerbaijan, has not been forgotten.

In many cities of South Azerbaijan, protest actions were held many times due to Tehran's arming of Armenia during the war. During these actions, more than a hundred Azerbaijanis were brutally beaten and arrested by the security forces. The Iranian officials neither then nor now expressed their opinion on the non-destructive activity that worries the Azerbaijani public, neither justified nor denied it. This attitude once again proves that Iran's politics is shrouded in veils and is far from transparent.

In such a background, Iranian officials do not give up their threatening statements against Azerbaijan. A few days ago, a member of the Iranian parliament targeted the Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan. The Islamic Republic of Iran, by consistently arming Armenia, shows how much importance it attaches to the state and people of Azerbaijan, which it tries to pressure with various means, as well as to Islamic solidarity and the Islamic Sharia, which it claims to be guided by. This is exactly the picture that has emerged against the backdrop of the insulting silence of the Iranian officials, not responding to the inquiries of the Azerbaijani media.