US, EU, and France induce tenseness in the South Caucasus: Armenia is a victim of Western interests-ANALYSIS

US, EU, and France induce tenseness in the South Caucasus: Armenia is a victim of Western interests-ANALYSIS
# 04 April 2024 18:26 (UTC +04:00)

The principle of "divide and rule" which was successfully applied by the Roman Empire became the main line of geopolitical concepts by the Western countries pursuing colonial policy in later periods. Territorial disputes and national conflicts that have occurred in different regions of the world in the last 100 years and continue to occur are the legacy of that principle.

Western countries still use this principle, which has a history of 2 thousand years, in their foreign policies and adapt it to the modern era. France is at the head of such countries.

From South and Central America to Africa and the Middle East, you can find the merciless traces of the colonial policy of this country.

Now, France has focused its neo-colonial policy on the South Caucasus, specifically on Armenia. Official Paris does not want to accept the 44-day Patriotic War and the subsequent chain of events that resulted in the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and at the same time, it is interested in taking advantage of the situation to withdraw Russia from the South Caucasus region.

That is why, to turn the region into a bloodbath and remain in an unstable state, official Paris has started a new arms race in the region with the help of Armenia, and is taking steps that serve to increase the revanchist mood in the Armenian society and bring the Yerevan-Baku normalization process to a standstill.

Statements by French officials also show that Paris is acting on the principle of "divide and rule" in the region. First, in a joint press conference after the meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Paris on April 2, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne accused Azerbaijan of threatening Armenia's territorial integrity and spreading fake news that increases military escalation on the conventional border.

With this false accusation, France is creating conditions for Armenia, which it has armed, to resort to new military provocations in the region, spreading disinformation to gain a kind of preemptive freedom of movement.

Another informational diversion of the official Paris was carried out by Olivier Decotini, the French ambassador to Armenia. First of all, let's note that in contrast to Ambassador Ann Bouillon, the French ambassador to Azerbaijan, who was distinguished by her diplomatic passivity at such a sensitive time between Baku and Paris, Olivier Decotini is distinguished by her zeal and love for Armenia, which sometimes exceeds the ambassador's powers.

"France is responsible for the security of Armenia," he said in an interview with Armenian television, stating that the country is actually under the protection of France. Proud of the fact that France is the first country to sell weapons to a member of the CSTO, the ambassador official emphasizes that Paris will continue to provide military assistance to Armenia.

Another important point in the interview was the ambassador's accusations against Russia and Moscow's failure to fulfill its ally obligations to Armenia.

As it can be seen, these statements are aimed not only at Azerbaijan but also at the state interests of regional players, especially Russia.

France has deployed NATO's intelligence contingent under the name of the EU observation mission in Armenia, which is always looking for patrons. They perform intelligence activities against Iran and Russia in the name of controlling the situation on the conventional border with Azerbaijan.

Analyzing the processes, it can be concluded that the recent events may result in Armenia becoming a new Syria or Ukraine in the region. It is clear that Russia will not tolerate the violation of its interests in the region. The recent statements of Russian officials also give reason to say this. The South Caucasus region can become a training ground for the second West-Russia conflict, as in Ukraine. This is completely against the interests of the region and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan cannot calmly welcome Armenia's opening of a new front in the Russia-West conflict in the region, creating a threat to peace in the region, together with the European Union, France, and the United States, Baku is worried about this and opposes it.

Along with France, the US also played an active role in the scenarios prepared against Azerbaijan. France prepares Armenia for revenge against Azerbaijan by arming it, and the US openly supports this process.
The meeting planned to be held on April 5 between the United States, the EU, and Armenia does not raise any doubts that it is directed against Azerbaijan.

The recent steps of the United States indicate that it is attempting to implement the neo-imperialist policy it implemented in different regions of the world in the South Caucasus.

The involvement of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in the anti-Azerbajan process reflects the position of the European Union on this issue.

The recent steps taken by the European Union, as well as the European Parliament, indicate that the collective West prioritizes double standards, bias, and lack of objectivity in its approach towards Azerbaijan.

The views expressed by the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia Vassilis Maragos in his speech in the country’s parliament once again demonstrate that Azerbaijan’s concern is not baseless. Mr. Maragos stated that the European Union is ready to provide Armenia with non-lethal weapons. He noted that the military assistance package to be sent as part of the European Peace Facility (EPF) strategy will serve to strengthen the existing potential of the Armenian Army. Interesting questions arise: Against whom is the potential of the Armenian Army being strengthened? Why are the U.S., EU, and France interested in the strengthening of the Armenian Army?

It seems that the U.S., as well as the collective West, do not want to accept the new realities that have emerged in the South Caucasus, they want to prepare and realize a plan together against Azerbaijan.

However, Azerbaijan has the power to prevent outside forces from turning the region into a shooting ground and a military field.

Therefore, the "divide and conquer" principle that the imperialists implemented in different areas of the planet for many years is doomed to failure in the South Caucasus. In its place, Armenia will be the victim of the collective West’s interests, like Ukraine.