Fund of State Support for Development of Mass Media under Azerbaijani President releases results of competition – LIST

Fund of State Support for Development of Mass Media under Azerbaijani President releases results of competition – <font color=red>LIST </font>
# 01 September 2009 10:38 (UTC +04:00)
Executive Director of the Fund Vugar Safarli said at the press conference that 112 projects were presented for the competition declared on June 1. During the initial study it became known that necessary documents were not submitted concerning 25 projects. 87 projects were presented to the experts for assessment. 12 experts participated in the assessment. 3 experts assessed each project. 14 projects failed to gain the necessary points. 17 projects gained fewer points than the others. 55 projects won the competition. 30 of them are newspapers, 13 information agencies, 6 journalist organizations and 6 related organizations.

Safarli said those, who are not satisfied with the competition, may appeal by September 5.

APA’s project is also among the winners.

The full list of the winners:

1. “Adalat” newspaper
2. “Azadlig” newspaper
3. “Baki-kheber” newspaper
4. “Khalg jebhesi” newspaper
5. “Ses” newspaper
6. “Kaspi” newspaper
7. “525-ci gezet” newspaper
8. “Olaylar” newspaper
9. “Azad Azerbayjan” newspaper
10. “Palitra” newspaper
11. “Azernews” newspaper
12. “Novoye vremya” newspaper
13. “Ulfat” newspaper
14. “Sherg” newspaper
15. “Uch nogte” newspaper
16. “Paritet” newspaper
17. “Movge” newspaper
18. “Yeni Azerbayjan” newspaper
19. “Bizim yol” newspaper
20. “Okhu meni” newspaper
21. “Herbi and” newspaper
22. “Addim” newspaper
23. “Futbol+Gol” newspaper
24. “Merkez” newspaper
25. “Prognoz” newspaper
26. “Veten ugrunda” newspaper
27. “Paralel” newspaper
28. “Yeni Musavat” newspaper
29. “Hefte ichi” newspaper
30. “Tezadlar” newspaper
31. “Trend” Information Agency
32. “Assa-Irada” Information Agency
33. “The First News” Information Agency
34. “Olaylar” Information Agency
35. “Azadinform” Information Agency
36. “Azeri Press” Information Agency (APA)
37. “Ses” Information Agency
38. “International Eurasia Press Fund”
39. “RUH” Azerbaijan Journalists Committee
40. “Yeni Fikir” Journalists Solidarity Public Union
41. “Mustegil Arashdirmachi Jurnalistler” League
42. “Azerbayjan Mustegil Jurnalistler” League
43. Azerbaijan Press Council
44. “Zardabi Press Center” Public Union
45. “Jurnalisrt Gadinlar” Association
46. “Terefsiz jurnalistler” Public Union
47. Journalists’ Trade Union
48. Azerbaijan Journalists Union
49. “Azerbayjan Demokratik Jurnalistler” League
50. “Polise destek” Public Union
51. “Hugugi Tedgigatlar Merkezi” Public Union
52. “Ictimaiyyetle Elagelerin Inkishafi” Public Union
53. “Sen Tek Deyilsen” Public Union
54. “Mustegil Hugug Merkezi” Public Union
55. “Globallashma ve Milli Hemreylik” Public Union