Armenia delays negotiations on the corridor to Nakhchivan - Russian Ambassador to Baku

Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Evdakimov

© APA | Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Evdakimov

# 12 February 2024 05:32 (UTC +04:00)

“Armenia delays negotiations on the creation of a transport corridor between the main part of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan," Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Evdakimov said in an interview with "Izvestia", APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

According to him, this topic is very important for the Azerbaijani side: “This is the presence of a stable transport route, transport routes between the main territory of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan. During the first Garabagh war, all communications were interrupted and the supply of electricity to Nakhchivan was cut off. Therefore, for Azerbaijan, the safety of the route (this is approximately 46 km) is not an abstract topic.

There are also tunnels along this route, and, in my opinion, there is also a bridge. The Russian Federation was ready to restore this route quickly enough at its own expense. For various reasons that are not very clear to me, the Armenian side is delaying the negotiations.”

As a result, last year Baku and Tehran signed an agreement on the construction of a railway through Iranian territory. There is a little more there - 60 km or something, the route is more difficult, but this work is already underway. All these years, road freight transport between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan passed through the territory of Iran.

Plus this is the route to Türkiye. Now the main thing is to build railways from Türkiye to Nakhchivan; a double track is planned - European and Soviet. Accordingly, we will be able to transport cargo to Türkiye from Russia through Azerbaijan, Iran and Nakhchivan.”