Azerbaijan Armed Forces Officer: "We are ready to fight, fighting spirit is very high"

Azerbaijan Armed Forces Officer: "We are ready to fight, fighting spirit is very high"
# 03 May 2016 19:13 (UTC +04:00)

Goranboy. Azer Mammadli-APA. "We are all participate in the fighting. Released territories located on the heights. We all are waiting for the order of the Supreme Commander and ready to release the rest of the land".

According to APA's western bureau, the soldier of the Azerbaijani Army Sherbetzade Ibrahim, who participated in the fighting in early April. said.

According to him, at the moment the military morale of Azerbaijani army is high.

He noted that the victory won in the beginning of April, revealed the power of the forces of Azerbaijan to enemy.

Lieutenant Orhan Babayev, awarded with the order of the president of the medal "For Distinction in Military Service" of the 3rd degree for bravery in the battle for the height of the village of Talish, said that the enemy realizing power of the Azerbaijani army, was forced to retreat. "We released the height occupied by the Armenians. It wad destroyed a large number of enemy equipment. The enemy retreated, leaving the battlefield weapons and ammunition. Currently, we are on the very heights. Enemy positions located below us. We are ready for battle. In the personnel is very high morale", - he said.

Private Alif Mammadov said that the occupied territories were liberated thanks to precision strikes during the suppression of enemy provocations: "We are ready to go further and to release all occupied lands. We are waiting for the order of the head of state. After the arrival of President Ilham Aliyev and get acquainted with the combat situation in the trenches of our morale is much improved."

According to the warrant officer Mehman Chobanov, regain control over the heights of liberated towns of danger: "We attacked the enemy positions on the heights Talysh village located on the outskirts of Tapgaragoyunlu. The enemy suffered maximum losses, we seized weapons, equipment and various devices, left them at their posts. After returning Tapgaragoyunlu Heights residents can safely stay in their homes."

Tankman Ilham Huseynov, who was awarded the medal "For Courage": "On the night of 2nd April, we received an order of the need to suppress the enemy sabotage. Inspired by the order of tankers rushed to the attack on the enemy position. We destroyed their post, equipment and manpower. We showed them that this land - our. To regain control of the necessary height in the direction of Talish village. Our joy has no limits. Returned cash control certain important points. We show the enemy that is not offensive, but only maneuvers on our lands. The enemy fled from the position, leaving the bodies of their soldiers on the battlefield. We have made sure that their army is uncontrollable. Inshallah, we will hoist our flag in Shusha, Khankendi and Khojaly ".