Baku does not need the Council of Europe: Azerbaijan may leave the European Court

Baku does not need the Council of Europe: Azerbaijan may leave the European Court
# 22 January 2024 18:55 (UTC +04:00)

The credentials of the Azerbaijani delegation were not approved at the first meeting of the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which started today, APA reports.

German MP Frank Schwabe's proposal on not confirming the credentials of the Azerbaijani delegation was supported and sent to the Monitoring Committee for decision-making.

Azerbaijani delegation participated in today's meetings, but their right to vote was restricted.

As the main reason, the Azerbaijani side did not allow a visit to the Lachin Corridor in 2023, observe the situation in Garabagh, as well as a meeting for Azerbaijani "political prisoners".

The Monitoring Committee must decide within 24 hours.

Although the German MP and his colleagues who support this initiative try to explain the issue with human rights, it is clear that it has nothing to do with human rights.

What is happening is an attempt to take revenge against Azerbaijan, which has restored its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Many countries and international organizations, including the Council of Europe and PACE, did not like Azerbaijan's single-handedly ensuring its territorial integrity and sovereignty for 30 years after the discussions held on various platforms, including the PACE level, and the adopted resolutions remained on the table. They believe that Baku should be punished for acting against their will.

However, they forget that for Azerbaijan, not only the freezing of votes in PACE but also this institution itself is no longer of any importance.

At one time, Azerbaijan became a member of the Council of Europe due to hopes for a solution to the Garabagh problem. But for many years, the institution did not take any measures against the fact of Armenia's aggression against Azerbaijan and the occupation of territories and was satisfied with only a few statements without legal weight. Although several resolutions supporting Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and urging Armenia to withdraw from the occupied territories were adopted in PACE, no steps were taken to implement these resolutions.

The PACE turned a blind eye to the fact that one of its member states - Armenia, occupying the territory of its other member state – Azerbaijan all these years, did not even think of limiting the right to vote of the occupier state.

Now, the Garabagh problem has been solved. Azerbaijan currently does not need the Council of Europe which does not have influence in Europe.

An adequate step must be taken depending on the decision to be adopted by PACE. In case of PACE deciding not to approve the credentials of the Azerbaijani delegation and limiting their right to vote, the Azerbaijani delegation stopping its activities in this organization is appropriate.

Besides, the option of Azerbaijan leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR or ECtHR) may also be on the agenda.

It would be appropriate to emphasize that ever since Azerbaijan became a member of this organization in 2001, pro-Armenian and Islamophobic forces have constantly used this organization as a tool against Azerbaijan. Membership in this organization has given Azerbaijan almost nothing. Just as the other Christian clubs like the European Union and the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have constantly demonstrated biased, non-objective positions against Azerbaijan and Türkiye.

The Council of Europe has become a camp of Islamophobic and Turkophobic thinking representatives of various European countries who cannot enter the European Parliament.

And it is not a coincidence that the German member of the parliament Frank Schwabe came out with the proposition of sanctions against Azerbaijan. It should not be overlooked that France and Germany acted together in the recent steps taken against Azerbaijan in Europe. It is also obvious that France, which has already brought relations with Azerbaijan to a level of hostility, is trying to realize its wishes through Germany to hide its main intention in some cases. Due to its successive failures and fall into disrepute in France's foreign policy, this time it has put Germany forward. However, both the French-German tandem and other international organizations and countries should understand that it is inappropriate to talk about sanctions and threats with Azerbaijan. They will be the ones harmed more by this.

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