Azerbaijan establishes International Chovqan Federation-UPDATED-PHOTOLENT

Azerbaijan establishes International Chovqan Federation-UPDATED -PHOTOLENT
# 01 February 2024 11:08 (UTC +04:00)

The International Chovqan Federation has been established, APA reports.

A meeting of the General Assembly for this institution was held today with the participation of delegations from 19 countries.

A meeting of the General Assembly was held at the Bina Equestrian Center in connection with the establishment of the International Chovqan Federation.

Delegations from Germany, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Republic of South Africa, Czech Republic, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Hungary, Morocco, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Poland, Slovakia and Türkiye participated in the meeting.

At the meeting of the General Assembly, the charter of the Federation and the rules of chovqan were reviewed, and discussions were held regarding the establishment of committees and regional groups, and the development of chovqan in the participating states.

In accordance with the results of the voting held at the meeting, Bahruz Nabiyev was elected the President of the International Chovqan Federation, and Maciej Michal Olbrych, the representative of Poland, was elected as the General Secretary.

It is planned to hold elections for other leadership positions in the International Chovqan Federation at the next and final session of the General Assembly to be held on February 2.


"Establishing the international version of a sports federation is a first for Azerbaijan," Bahruz Nabiyev, Secretary General at the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan told journalists, APA reports.

"At the General Assembly organized in this regard on February 1 and 2, there will be representatives from 19 countries covering all the continents of the world. With the votes of these representatives, there is no doubt that tomorrow we will announce the establishment of the mentioned International Chovqan Federation," he emphasized.

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