French media outlets notified of Rahim Namazov not being a journalist: Azerbaijani Embassy

French media outlets notified of Rahim Namazov not being a journalist: Azerbaijani Embassy
# 02 April 2018 10:20 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan’s Embassy in France is closely following the investigation of the assassination attempt against Azerbaijani Rahim Namazov (Shakinskiy) in the French city of Toulouse, the embassy said in a response to APA’s inquiry.

The embassy said in a statement that it closely cooperates with France’s Foreign Ministry, investigative bodies and law-enforcement authorities of Toulouse in this regard.

“The embassy was late to comment on the incident because it took time to investigate the issue and get more accurate information,” says the statement.

The statement further notes that the Azerbaijani Embassy in France is interested in an objective investigation of the incident because the issue is being distorted.

“French media introduced Rahim Namazov as a journalist as he presented himself a journalist in order to get a residence permit in France. He declared through social networks that he was allegedly subjected to political persecution in Azerbaijan and left the country because his life was in danger,” the embassy said in the statement.

The embassy sent a letter to French media outlets stating that Rahim Namazov is not a journalist, reads the statement.

“After the embassy's intervention, nearly 15 media outlets covered the embassy's position. We've also made such announcements through social networks,” the statement says.

The Toulouse Journalists’ Association also reported that it does not have information about such a journalist.

Rahim Namazov (Shakinskiy), an Azerbaijani man living in France, was shot and wounded in the city of Toulouse on March 30.

Namazov was opened fire at in a drive-by shooting while traveling by car with his wife.

His wife died in the attack, while Rahim was seriously wounded and hospitalized.

It is worth noting that although some French sites have referred to Rahim as a journalist, he has long been known as ‘Rahim Shakinskiy’ on social networks. He is said to have released videos and audios insulting notorious criminals, such as Nadir Salifov (Lotu Guli).