Azerbaijani sea border guards nab Iranians red-handed with mammoth drugs-PHOTO-VIDEO

Azerbaijani sea border guards nab Iranians red-handed with mammoth drugs-PHOTO -VIDEO
# 22 April 2024 16:35 (UTC +04:00)

Iranian citizens have been detained with a large batch of drugs in the Caspian Sea's Azerbaijani sector, a source in the State Border Service of Azerbaijan told APA.

According to the source, the Command Center of the State Border Service's Coast Guard spotted unidentified watercraft heading southward in the Alat anchorage.

In order to detain the detected target, a border patrol ship guarding the state border initiated a pursuit operation, coastal guard units were informed, and urgent measures were taken to close the coastline.

The border patrol ship fired one warning shot. A liner-type watercraft belonging to Iran, with two crew members, was detained as a result of a border search conducted in the southern direction by border patrol ships, coastal control units of the Coast Guard, as well as helicopters and drones of the Special Air Operations Forces in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea.

The investigation established that the detained individuals are citizens of Iran, Muhtar Abdi Yaldji, born in 1991, and Ali Bahrami Mohammad, born in 2000, who violated the state border with the aim of illegally importing narcotics into the country.

As a result of operational-search measures, 20.4 kilograms of marijuana in eight packages, discarded by the border violators at sea, were discovered and seized.

Operational-investigative activities are ongoing regarding the incident.