Russia, Turkey and Iran make joint statement on results of Moscow meeting - UPDATED

Russia, Turkey and Iran make joint statement on results of Moscow meeting - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 28 April 2018 16:12 (UTC +04:00)

Russia, Turkey and Iran made joint statement on results of Moscow meeting on solution of the Syrian conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the press conference on the results of the trilateral meeting of Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran.

‘We made joint statement today. The statement reflects results of our meeting. Anyway, we support political and diplomatic solution of Syria crisis on the basis of UN SC resolution 2254 and recommendations of The Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi’, Russian FM said.

Trilateral meeting of Russian, Turkish and Iranian Foreign Ministers is being held in Moscow within the Astana process on regulation of Syrian conflict. APA’s Moscow correspondent reports that ways to regulate Syrian conflict, works done and to be done within Astana process are being discussed at the meeting.

Sergey Lavrov said that collective measures should be taken within the Astana process: ‘We hope that we’ll discuss current situation in Syria and extra steps towards peace and stability. Results of the meetings within Astana process caused reduction in violence in Syria and progress in the humanitarian situation. Of course, joint efforts in this direction should continue’.

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Russia, Iran and Turkey did a lot of things for solution of Syrian conflict: ‘These things caused great successes during 1.5 year. I’d like to underline meetings within Astana process. We are insisting on peaceful solution of Syrian conflict. Fight against international terrorism is an international responsibility. Solution of this conflict by war does not exist. Everyone should attempt to solve this problem in political ways. Solution of conflict via war will increase pain of Syrian people. Foreign interference will increase tension in Syria. Syria’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty are important. This position unites our countries in Astana process. I hope that we’ll continue to help Syria achieve this political goal’.

Turkish Fm Movlut Chavushoglu spoke about works done in Syria thanks cooperation within Astana process. He noted that ceasefire and determination of demobilized zone was achieved within this process: ‘Our goal is to achieve solution of Syrian conflict in a political way. This is the best way. Armed way is not legal and sustainable. Recent events show that our joint works need extra stimuli’.

Then the meeting went on without participation of press representatives.