Italian ambassador speaks about military cooperation with Azerbaijan

Claudio Taffuri, Italian Ambassador

© APA | Claudio Taffuri, Italian Ambassador

# 06 December 2023 13:04 (UTC +04:00)

"During cooperation with Azerbaijan in the defense industry, the geopolitical situation is taken into account," Claudio Taffuri, Ambassador of Italy in Azerbaijan told APA.

According to the ambassador, the cooperation between two countries is successfully continued in various fields: "Firstly, let me emphasize that the relations between Italy and Azerbaijan cover various fields. We can show the works done in the energy sector as an example of our cooperation in different fields.

In addition, we can talk about bringing our technologies to Azerbaijan. Of course, it is necessary to mention the introduction of turbines here. There is also some cooperation in the field of defense industry.

During this cooperation, we take into account the geopolitical situation," the diplomat emphasized.