If Biden wins elections, we will see same line in foreign policy - former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan

Matthew Bryza, former United States Ambassador to Azerbaijan

© APA | Matthew Bryza, former United States Ambassador to Azerbaijan

# 23 April 2024 19:57 (UTC +04:00)

"I was shocked by Russia withdrawing its forces from the region, or rather I was surprised in a positive way," Former Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza, who attended the international international forum themed “COP29 and Green Vision for Azerbaijan” held in ADA University on April 23, told journalists, APA reports.

"We know that Armenians in Garabagh wanted Russian peacekeepers to be there permanently, but there was a five-year agreement on this matter. Armenians believed that Russian forces would protect Armenia, but when Prime Minister Pashinyan declared that they have no need for Russian markets and that Armenia stops participating in the CSTO, in response, Russia withdrew its forces from the region in general."

Touching upon the elections to be held on November in the U.S., Matthew Bryza said that the change in the foreign policy of the U.S. will depend on who will be elected:

"If Biden wins, we will see the same political line. If Trump wins, the process will be different. Trump thinks differently about Ukraine, shows less support, it may be possible that he will try for better relations with Russia. But on the other hand, we should not forget that Trump sent anti-tank missiles - "Javelins" to Ukraine for the first time. I believe that Trump will show a more contradictory approach. If Trump wins, we will see chaos in both domestic and foreign politics."