B2B Marketplace for entrepreneurs

B2B Marketplace for entrepreneurs
# 02 April 2024 10:01 (UTC +04:00)

Epoint.az presents its innovative solution for SME clients - B2B Marketplace for entrepreneurs. Visa company is Epoint's partner for digital development and promotion of e-commerce products in Azerbaijan is the world leader in the digital payment industry.

Epoint Inc. is pleased to introduce a new product – B2B Marketplace, which will help entrepreneurs offer each other their services on a single platform. The platform provides an opportunity for businesses to promote their services online, as well as purchase the services of other entrepreneurs to develop their business, and find unique and in-demand offers.

Through integration with Epoint, providing all services digitally is available to every business.

“Our concept is based on the revolution brought about by Apple and Google with the iOS and Android platforms. We developed this platform by connecting developers and business owners around the world through a digital platform and providing online access to the services they need to grow their business in one click.

The marketplace will feature products created by our own team, as well as services from other companies. Since we are an international company, our business clients will have access to service providers operating around the world at more favorable terms.

At the moment, we have more than 900 business clients on the platform who can take advantage of additional services that will be provided on the marketplace, as well as provide their services to other entrepreneurs.

In the first stage of the marketplace, we will provide an automated "Hotel Management" system, specially developed by our team for hotels, hostels and guest house rental businesses, to create a more comfortable and efficient stay for guests. Using this system, each hotel or hostel will manage its hotel, available rooms and conduct online sales. Hotel customers will be able to view available hotel rooms, book and pay for them. All bookings, analytics and room availability will be managed on a single platform. The new platform combines technological innovation and user comfort to make accommodation and travel easier and better. We will provide this service free of charge to the first customers who join our product.

"Hotel Management" provides an adaptive interface for managing reservations, which minimizes the need for lengthy staff training, and hotel guests can easily and quickly select a suitable room or bed, pay for their reservation online and enjoy their vacation. We are confident that our development will give an even greater impetus to the Tourism sector in the country and will help digitize all businesses in this industry.

Following these new products, very soon we plan to launch fully integrated services for Delivery, SMS billing, Marketing tools and other services for promoting your business online in one click.

Our marketplace will contribute to the further digitization of businesses with the help of new products and technological capabilities, thereby contributing to the further growth of the country's digital business environment. We are confident that with the help of new developments and products in the marketplace, we will be able to speed up the process of moving businesses online and stimulate the growth of non-cash payments in the country,” said founder and director of the Epoint startup Zeynal Karimzada.

Epoint is the first Fintech company from Azerbaijan to pass into the 500 Global international acceleration program and receive investments.

You can get all the information you are interested in about the platform by calling: +99470 242 99 66.

Official website - https://epoint.az

Email - [email protected]

Epoint.az on social networks – Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin

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