Apple Pay and Google Pay payments for all businesses-PHOTO

Apple Pay and Google Pay payments for all businesses-PHOTO
# 27 February 2024 09:02 (UTC +04:00) provides SME clients with the opportunity to accept e-commerce payments for goods and services using tokenized payments Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Epoint Inc. together with CyberSource and the international payment company Visa, launched a service for accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay payments in e-commerce for all types of businesses. The main emphasis of this product was made for SMBs and Micro-clients, who in a few clicks, even without a website or application, can start accepting tokenized payments from their clients.

Epoint provides the ability to connect to this service in two directions:

1. If a client has a website or application, he can integrate through the provided API protocol within a few minutes and display Apple Pay and Google Pay payment services for his clients.

2. If the client does not have a website or application, he can connect to Epoint and receive a free mini-site (Business page), with built-in payment methods. The client himself can control what types of payments he wants to accept at any time. Providing a ready-made platform for accepting payments reduces the client’s costs for developing their website and makes it possible to immediately begin accepting payments and increase sales conversion.

In both options, clients will be able to quickly connect tokenized payments in 2 clicks, increase their sales, save their clients from saving cards at the time of payment, make more secure payments through biometric payment verification, and also reduce costs for the integration of these services.

Apple Pay and Google Pay payments are also available in invoices that are generated on the Epoint platform and sent to the client for payment. Thus, companies that use dynamic invoices to accept payments will also be able to accept tokenized payments in a few clicks.

Apple Pay and Google Pay payments help increase the speed of payment, increase the average payment receipt, and also increase the loyalty of customers who use a convenient payment interface and use their phone to make payments.

Tokenized payments are used in many applications such as food delivery, taxi services, marketplaces, public transport payment services, etc.

The first clients who connect to this service will receive a 20% discount on commissions and will be able to immediately begin accepting payments at a discounted price.

“We are confident that with the help of new developments, products, and the introduction of alternative payment methods, we will be able to speed up the process of businesses moving online and stimulate the growth of non-cash payments in the country,” said Zeynal Kerimzadeh, founder and director of the Epoint startup.

Epoint's partner for the digital development and promotion of e-commerce products in Azerbaijan is the international payment company Visa.

Epoint is the first Fintech company from Azerbaijan to qualify for the 500 Global International Acceleration Program and attract investment.

You can get all the information you are interested in about the platform by calling: +99470 242 99 66.

Official website -

Email - [email protected] on social networks –Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin

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