Member of Estonian Parliament: “The Estonian government and parliament support Azerbaijan's position on Nagorno Karabakh issue”

Member of Estonian Parliament: “The Estonian government and parliament support Azerbaijan
# 20 August 2014 08:13 (UTC +04:00)

Afandiyev said that official Tallinn is condemning the occupation, even the parliament rejected the project on so-called “Armenian genocide” submitted by the Armenians a while ago and warned them not to bring up such a project again: “All of these have a reason. The Azerbaijanis living here have a great role in it, along with strong relations between Estonia and Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijanis were the only national minority that openly supported the independence of Estonia during the Estonian liberation movement in 1988. The Estonian people and state will never forget it. Thus, the Azerbaijani diaspora is able to inform the local community about the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in a better way.”

He added that role of the Azerbaijani communities is significantly strengthening in Estonia and it can result in the Azerbaijanis’ holding new posts in the state agencies.

Afandiyev was born in Tallinn in 1954. He was elected as MP for the second term.

Meetings are being held with the Azerbaijanis operating in Baltic countries within the joint project titled “Azerbaijanis outside the border…”of APA Holding and the State Committee on Work with Diaspora.