Work is undergoing to increase transparency in law enforcement bodies - Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan

Kamran Aliyev, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan

© APA | Kamran Aliyev, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan

# 02 April 2024 10:31 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan is currently experiencing a period of victory, said Kamran Aliyev, the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan during his speech at a conference on Digital criminal process: Modern challenges and goals, APA reports.

He said that all lands of Azerbaijan have been liberated, and construction and reconstruction works in the liberated areas are a source of pride.

Kamran Aliyev noted that work is underway to increase transparency and professionalism in law enforcement bodies: “Digitization is one of the key areas. This is a special area related to the criminal process. It already was necessary to make certain changes in the legislation.”

The Prosecutor General noted that as in all areas, digitalization in the implementation of justice, as well as in criminal proceedings, is a requirement of the modern era.

He noted that in Azerbaijan, several works about the application of digital technologies have been carried out in the activities of law enforcement bodies, as well as the prosecutor's office: “The "Electronic Prosecutor's Office" information system was created under President's Decree dated May 7, 2021. From April 1, 2023, the main modules of the "Electronic Prosecutor's Office" information system were put into use. From September 2023, the first steps towards digitalization of criminal prosecution were taken and the "Investigation" and "Criminal materials" modules of the information system were put into use. Currently, all criminal cases in progress in the prosecutor's office and materials related to the investigation of information about committed or prepared crimes are implemented through these modules.”