"Democracy and Media Understanding" of France's Ambassador to Azerbaijan

"Democracy and Media Understanding" of France
# 07 April 2024 18:04 (UTC +04:00)

Mrs. Anne Boillon, the ambassador of France to Azerbaijan who was not distinguished by her activities and did not appear in the press after being appointed as ambassador to Azerbaijan, has finally broken her silence.

However, breaking the silence of the diplomat was not successful at all. Thus, the French diplomat got angry at APA for publishing the statement of the former President of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev. Ms. Boillon shared the APA news on her "X" account and wrote, "What a shame, APA."

However, the French diplomat, who condemned APA for publishing the statement of an official, put herself in a bad situation with this action.

Madam Ambassador did not know that Dmitry Medvedev is an official of Russia, he was the President of this country and currently holds the post of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

APA published D. Medvedev's statement on "Telegram" channel with reference to "Rossiyskaya gazeta". It would be understandable if Ambassador Boillon addressed these words to D. Medvedev, the author of the statement. It is unbecoming of a politician and diplomat to make groundless accusations against APA for publishing Medvedev's statement. It turns out that the media should not spread information that is not to the liking of France and French diplomats. These actions and this position of those who intend to teach others about human rights and media freedom are very surprising.

If the diplomat, the president of her country, Macron, or the Macron administration has any statement or position regarding Medvedev's statement, APA is ready to cover this position of the other party and has always taken this principle as a basis.

Condemning and targeting the press for publishing the statement of an official can be considered a measure of the French diplomat's tolerance for democracy and her attitude towards the press.

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