“We will not leave our homes” - REPORTAGE FROM THE FRONTLINE VILLAGE

“We will not leave our homes” -  <span style="color: red;">REPORTAGE FROM THE FRONTLINE VILLAGE
# 25 February 2017 21:46 (UTC +04:00)

The situation on the frontline deteriorated again. Attempts by the Armenian Armed Forces units to attack the positions of Azerbaijani Army on all fronts were strongly suppressed.

The enemy, in order to somehow cover up their failure, spreading false information that the Azerbaijani population living at the frontline villages allegedly all in all leave the territory.

APA TV's camera crew visited the frontline village of Garadagli, Aghdam. The village has a population of 5,000 people seriously injured during the April fighting. After the reconstruction of homes destroyed by Armenian artillery, all the villagers, as one, they returned to their homes.

The representative of the Garadagli village EP Arzu Muradov not surprised by the latest actions of the enemy: “This is the true face of our treacherous neighbors. Use of weapons against the civilian population is not acceptable by any law. But, despite that, we're always ready for such things. And we lived it in April last year. More than 200 houses of our village damaged, and some wounded”.

A resident of the village Rahbar Mammadov said people believes in Head of State and power of the army: “I am a resident Garadagli, and now live here. We believe in our army and our president. We will not retreat a single step”.

Agdam region Deputy Chief Executive Power Zulfi Gasimov said that all district structures work in emergency mode. “In recent days Armenians violate ceasefire periodically seriously aggravate the situation. All employees of the EP actively work with population, conduct the necessary conversations, interested in their problems. "

Currently the situation on the front line, relative calm.

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