Baku comments on Carl Bildt’s statements regarding Azerbaijan

Baku comments on Carl Bildt’s statements regarding Azerbaijan
# 17 July 2014 14:40 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Konul Kamilgizi – APA. Deputy Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Head of the Foreign Relations Department, Novruz Mammadov commented on the opinions expressed by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt regarding Azerbaijan at the Atlantic Council meeting in Washington, APA reports.

“Unfortunately, there are many such politicians in the international community. They think that everybody should accept and obey what they say. However they don’t understand yet that their irresponsible and narrow-minded thoughts have led the world to such a situation. Today, the ongoing negative processes, conflicts, political instability and tensions in different countries are the result of their thoughts and activities. They are unable to understand the essence of processes in the world. They just memorize some expressions and words, like parrots, and think that they fulfill their duties by using them as a means of pressure”, he said.

Mammadov said Bildt is one of such politicians. Like Fule, he also considers Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Community to be a reasonable step. However he doesn’t ask himself why he placed this country on the 3rd place in the Eastern Partnership after the European Neighborhood Policy”, he added.

There can be several reasons for Carl Bildt’s statement regarding Azerbaijan. Firstly, he expressed these opinions in Washington. Probably, it is not accidental. Even the Expressen newspaper which had access to the Wikileaks materials reported about his close relationship with some bodies in Washington and serving as an informant since 1973.

“There is a secret document revealing Bildt’s cooperation with the American administration”, the paper reported.

Secondly, though Carl Bildt tried to act as a mentor at the meeting in Baku a few years ago, he was silenced. He was explained that his approach to the processes in Azerbaijan is primitive and far from the truth.

Thirdly, Carl Bildt is self-satisfied and ambitious. He is trying to hold a high position in the European Commission. It seems this step will fail. Ambitious politicians are strongly influenced by such things. He is feeling stressed now.

Finally, Carl Bildt should know that today, justice is the most important value in world community. All other universal values are meaningless without justice. Everything happens in the world in case of the violation of the principle of justice. Some time ago, Czech Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg (his name is also Karel) did not shy away from expressing biased and unfounded position regarding Azerbaijan. But very soon, Schwarzenberg lost his post because of such statements and opinions. Carl Bildt will very likely face same situation”.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said at the Atlantic Council’s meeting in Washington that he has serious doubts about the sincerity of Azerbaijan’s participation in the Eastern Partnership program as an authoritarian regime is dominating in the country.