Flag flying over Khojaly has another value - Turkish ambassador

Cahit Bağçı, the Ambassador of Türkiye to Azerbaijan

© APA | Cahit Bağçı, the Ambassador of Türkiye to Azerbaijan

# 26 February 2024 11:35 (UTC +04:00)

“The lands of Garabagh have been liberated from occupation. We will never forget the pain of Khojaly. Because the civilian population in Khojaly was killed and displaced from their homes,” said Cahit Bağçı, the Ambassador of Türkiye to Azerbaijan, APA reports.

“Our pain is undergoing, we feel the tragedy deeply. It was said that we deeply feel the pain of Khojaly in our hearts in today’s statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well. Along with experiencing this sorrow, we have witnessed the liberation of Garabagh from occupation and all lands transitioning into a territory where Armenians are not setting foot. Azerbaijan has fully restored its territorial integrity with anti-terrorist measures. Khojaly, the Khojaly massacre, the civilians who were killed there, our brothers-sisters have been avenged. Today, we are here to show that we share Azerbaijan’s sorrow. Our joy is also very huge. Garabagh is free and our brothers-sisters in Khojaly have started to return to their lands, to their ancestral homes. We offer our condolences to Azerbaijan and our brothers. Today, the flag of Azerbaijan waves in Garabagh. The flag of Azerbaijan waving on all the high points of Garabagh is valuable, however, the flag waving in Khankandi and Khojaly possesses another value. The liberation of Garabagh is the greatest victory of the Turkic world,” he noted.