Two people killed by train hit in Oslo

Two people killed by train hit in Oslo
# 03 March 2018 18:54 (UTC +04:00)

Two people were hit and killed by a train in Norway's capital city Oslo Friday evening, newspaper VG reported Saturday, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

The two, 33 and 26 years old, are Polish with legal residence in Norway.

For unknown reasons, the two were walking across the railway tracks along with a third Polish Friday evening when they were run over by a northward train.

According to police, a train driver from the opposite direction had stopped his train and tried to ask them to leave the tracks before they were hit by the northward train, which came too fast.

The police were notified of the serious accident at 23:21 p.m. (2221 GMT) Friday night, VG wrote.

Rune Skjold, Head of Economics and Special Investigation at Oslo Police District, said the area is known for criminal offences for profit.

The third person on site has been questioned by the police, the report said.

"The interrogation gave no information about what they did on the train rails. We still do not know why they were there," Skjold was quoted as saying.

Affected by the accident, passengers in the train waited aboard for about two hours before the train continued its journey, according to the VG report.

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