Rovnag Abdullayev: “Azerbaijan’s future depends on gas” - UPDATED

Rovnag Abdullayev: “Azerbaijan’s future depends on gas” - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 28 December 2013 15:48 (UTC +04:00)

According to him, SOCAR seeks partners for to sell Babek and Asiman gas fields: “These partners will be found. If these partners are not found, these gas storehouses are insignificant”.

SOCAR President also spoke about projects in Georgia, Turkey, Romania and Switzerland. He said construction of Star oil refiner plant will be completed after 2 years and SOCAR is the biggest investor in Georgia.

“We’ll increase number of petrol stations in Romania next year. We have already completed Rebranding process of our stations in Switzerland”, he added.

At the end of the event, Abdullayev awarded the prizes to the oilmen who have been awarded with medals and orders under the president’s decree for services in oil sector.