What do int’l observers think of voting process in Azerbaijan?

What do int’l observers think of voting process in Azerbaijan?
# 11 April 2018 10:43 (UTC +04:00)

Michel Amiel, member of the French Senate, told APA that her impression about the course of voting in Azerbaijan’s presidential election is quite positive.

"This is the first polling station we are conducting observation at. The chairman informed us about the election process as soon as we stepped in. We will state our final opinion after the voting," he said.

Lord David Charles, member of the UK Parliament, said the presidential election in Azerbaijan is well-organized.

"We represent the UK Parliament. There are very good relations between the two countries. The voting process is well-organized. People's activity is normal,” he added.

Hamid Hamid, member of the Bulgarian parliament, stressed that the electoral system has developed in Azerbaijan.

"It is too early to make a final statement, but our observations point to the conclusion that the elections are going normally and there is no difficulty. People are also participating in the voting quietly and safely. I have already observed parliamentary elections and referendums in Azerbaijan before. The electoral system in the country is developing day after day,” he noted.

Peter Marček, member of the Slovakian parliament, said he has not seen any violations of law so far.

"We are observing the voting process and we have not detected any illegal cases yet. Yesterday we talked to several voters. Consequently, we can say that there is great interest in the voting nationwide,” he added.

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