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26 August 2020

Mehriban Aliyeva: The personality whose name is her signature

Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, the  First Vice-President of our country, the  President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the  Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, who prefers  a light  and bright day to dark night in case of choice, emphasizing that she doesn’t like a state of mindlessness, who accepts dignity as a principle of life  that does not change in any situation,who makes being extremely an absolute rule of conduct. Once she was asked what she would change  in her past if Almighty God had allowed her to change it. She answered that she would change the destiny of her dearest mother, her illness and death, raising the personal dignity to the peak of purity. She  is a unique  person who complements  the  harmony of the highest human values, such as humanity, mercy, nobility and compassion, with the norm of charismatic behavior.

First Vice President of the country Mehriban Aliyeva, who highly  appreciates  three  important qualities in people, such as dignity, intelligence and kindness, and as a carrier of these human values , she has a very high rating in the national and international public opinion. In this regard, in her interview to the influential  Russian TV Channel “Russia-24”, she emphasized: “My responsibility is huge. I have to justify the president’s confidence, and most importantly , I have to justify the trust of people,  who have faith and hope. Dear Mehriban Aliyeva is happy today because she honorably justifies the hope and trust of people, with her unparalleled activity, she strenthens the power of President Ilham Aliyev. Our people and President see and highly appreciate this reality.  In this regard, at the meeting of Mr. Ilham Aliyev with the heads of our diaspora organizations in St. Petersburg on December 20, 2019 within the framework of the informal meeting of CIS leaders in St. Petersburg, his high assessment of Mehriban Aliyeva's exceptional services to our statehood, especially in the development of Azerbaijani-Russian relations, should not be considered accidental: “This year, Mehriban Aliyeva paid a very successful official visit to Russia.The visit was organized at a very high level. The meeting with President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the presentation of the Order of Friendship to MehribanAliyeva by the President are, of course, a great event. We know that the President of Russia rarely receives non-presidents. This exception is a manifestation of the Russian President's attitude to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan also has great respect for the President of Russia. Presidents, of course, have a special role in the development of bilateral relations. During the visit, MehribanAliyeva met with both the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Federation Council. Of course, the reopening of the "Azerbaijan" pavilion at the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements is a historical event.”

Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva who says “You know, I thinkbeing a formal and strict person of a leader is just a stereotype.  Responsible - yes, principled - yes, willful - yes. Formality and strictness  are not important qualities. For me, the ability to work with people, the ability to create a team of like-minded people who share your views in principle and are ready to follow you, is even more important. Because they understand that your work is for the good. It is very important that what is stated and announced coincides with what really happened. Because people see everything, they understand everything”, and it copes with very important tasks with her multilateral activity by means of her great responsibility, principality and willpower.

Undoubtedly, in addition to the abovelisted qualities, the role of two important factors is undeniable. The first is related to genetics, and the second is related to the rich experience factor. Modern genetics proves that the children of families with great scientific and intellectual potential have a great chance to achieve great success as the bearers of the genetic code. It is only a matter of time before these children achieve greater success by enriching the inherited potential from their parents if the conditions are right. When approaching the issue in this context, it should be particularly noted that Mehriban Aliyeva is a carrier of a great genetic heritage. Her grandfather Mir Jalal Pashayev was  a thinker and writer of Azerbaijan, her father Arif Pashayev and mother Aida Imanguliyeva are great personalities who have left their mark on Azerbaijani and world science. The fact that Mehriban Aliyeva, the daughter of this unique family, has deep intelligence, sharp mind, analytical and innovative thinking and systematic analysis abilities, demonstrates a principled and resolute attitude towards events and processes, is the result of direct genetic code and innate talent in this regard, as well as selfless effort.

During her speeches in front of local and foreign audiences, her systematic and consistent approach to the problem, the style of clear and logical expression, the ability to work with and capture the audience, the skill of using the sound range correctly, and finally the potential for marvelous attraction and unique charisma are directly related to the factors listed above.

Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva’shaving passed a great school of management has opened a window of unique opportunities for her rich experience to perform various and complex tasks with dignity. Let's try to justify our opinion.

First, Mehriban Aliyeva, who started her active social activity by creating the Azerbaijan Culture Foundation in 1995, obtained the opportunity to gain rich experience for her professional social and political activity by establishing the “Azerbaijan-Heritage” magazine published in three languages (Azerbaijani, English and Russian) in 1996 with the aim of promoting the Azerbaijani culture. Taking into account this factor and professionalism, President Ilham Aliyev stressed that, “Mehriban Aliyeva has been playing an important and active role in the socio-political and cultural life of our country for many years. Mehriban Aliyeva is the deputy chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party. The New Azerbaijan Party is the leading political force in our country, the largest party in the South Caucasus”. In other words, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva has a special place and role in the management and success of a huge political party with more than 750,000 members.

Secondly, Mehriban Aliyeva was elected as a deputy of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan for  three times (2005, 2010, 2015), gaining the trust of voters. “By voting for me, you have voted for the realization of the hopes of yours and your children”, said Mehriban Aliyeva, proving that there is no problem that can be considered impossible to solve where there is perseverance and the ability to build things properly. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, who has a practical identity with her promise, has taken great steps to solve the socio-economic problems of her constituency during her tenure as a deputy and has won the sympathy of her constituents. As part of her parliamentary activities, Mehriban Aliyeva initiated legislative initiatives to adopt an amnesty act four times in 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2016, and as a result, the sentences of more than 40,000 prisoners were fully or partially abolished. “... We must once again allow people who have made mistakes and crimes to return to a free life, to be reunited with their families and relatives, to find their place in society. By forgiving people who do not commit serious crimes, we both bring them back to normal life and demonstrate that the  independent Azerbaijan always develops on the principles of humanism”, said Mehriban Aliyeva. These legislative initiatives are of both moral and political significance.

At the same time, Mehriban Aliyeva conveyed the realities of Azerbaijan to the world through her extensive international activities as an MP. As a result of this activity, the international confidence in our country has been strengthened, and the number of our friends and partners has increased.

Third, the services of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation led by First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva since 2004 are of exceptional importance in the study of promotion and application of the legacy inherited by Nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev in the direction of Democratic State Building.In other words, to support the implementation of large-scale programs to study the legacy of the great leader, to support initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of the Azerbaijani people, to support projects aimed at developing science, education, health and sports in the country, to cultivate young people is one of the priorities of the large-scale activities of the organization headed by the First Lady of the country and is highly valued by the general public. Under the leadership of gracious Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, unprecedented steps are being taken in the development of national music, protection of cultural heritage, protection of national interests in the international arena, as well as the promotion of dialogue between civilizations and cultures.

Fourth, Mehriban Aliyeva is a member of the National Olympic Committee and the Executive Committee, and her work in this direction has been highly praised by both the local and international communities. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva played a special role in organizing several global events held in our country. As President Ilham Aliyev noted, “holding the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 at a high level was possible only with the organization of Mehriban Aliyeva. The high-level holding of the first European Games in 2015 was also possible thanks to the activities of the Organizing Committee and its head Mehriban Aliyeva. Organizing and holding these games at the level of the Summer Olympic Games during two and a half years was certainly a great achievement. The first European Games will remain as  a prestigious sporting event held at the highest level in history.“It is no coincidence that Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded the highest award of the state of Azerbaijan-the Heydar Aliyev order for her contribution in the organization  of the first European Games in 2015.

The organization of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017 was also entrusted to Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, and this prestigious sports event was awarded the highest value from the organizational point of view.

Fifth, Mehriban Aliyeva's international activity, first of all, serves the protection and provision of national interests of Azerbaijan, but also contributes to the fulfillment of a very important mission such as international peace, security, tranquility, protection of historical cultural heritage, formation and strengthening of cultural and interreligious dialogue environment. From this point of view, it is no coincidence that in 2004, Azerbaijan's first lady,  the president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded  with the title of the goodwill ambassador of UNESCO for her productive  activity in the field of preservation, development and promotion of Azerbaijan's oral folk literature and musical heritage. Mehriban Aliyeva is the first woman representative of Turkic-speaking countries to be awarded this high title. In 2006, the first lady of Azerbaijan was awarded with  the title of the  goodwill ambassador of ISESCO. There is no second person in the world to be an ambassador of both influential organizations at the same time.

Against this background, the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva to the post of First Vice President of Azerbaijan on February 21, 2017 should be considered as a logical consequence of her rich and selfless activity for the development and strengthening of Azerbaijani statehood, as well as high organizational skills.

Let's continue the above-mentioned theoretical approaches of the First Vice-President of our country Mehriban Aliyeva with various practical analyzes on various aspects of her unparalleled activity based on her unique genetic heritage, rich experience, great intellect and extensive organizational skills.

It is a fact that attention and care for the most vulnerable strata of the country's population, our compatriots expelled from their native lands, the elimination of their problems constitute a priority of the state policy. In 2004-2019, President Ilham Aliyev signed 75 decrees and orders on improving the living conditions of refugees and IDPs, ensuring their employment, and approved many state programs. The process of liquidation of tent camps was completed in 2007. At the same time, we still have IDPs living in dormitories, schools and unsuitable buildings, and improving their housing and living conditions is one of the strategic issues faced by the state. Every year, at least 6,000 IDP families are provided with houses in Azerbaijan. Based on the fact that there are 5 people in each family on average, this means that 30,000 IDPs are provided with new homes and apartments every year. As noted by President Ilham Aliyev this year, a record number of more than 7,000 IDP families will get new apartments. As a result of the measures taken so far, housing conditions of 315,000 IDPs, i.e. 62,494 families have been improved.

A very benevolent mission-the policy of special sensitivity and care towards IDPs and refugees is successfully implemented by the closest colleague of President Ilham Aliyev, Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva. The fact that she held her first meeting with IDPs on March 9, 2017 after the appointment of the first vice-president is a clear example of a sensitive approach to the people of this tribe. “Care for Refugees and IDPs is one of the priority directions of the activity of the Azerbaijani state. In the most difficult periods after the restoration of our independence, at all stages of the development of our country, the state has taken great care of this area. But at the same time, unfortunately, there are still problems in this area.Therefore, our goal is to eliminate these problems in a very short time and provide our compatriots living in all the dangerous buildings in an unsuitable state with new apartments”, said Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva and also set a specific task in front of the relevant state body: “all IDP families living in unsuitable and emergency buildings in Baku and Sumgayit should be moved to new apartments soon. For this purpose, additional measures should be allocated, the area for the construction of buildings should be determined and the construction of buildings should begin soon. At the same time, apartments should be purchased to accommodate IDP families in new buildings built in Baku and Sumgayit. Our goal is to provide new apartments for all IDPs living in emergency buildings this year and next year.” Thanks to the direct support of President Ilham Aliyev and first vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva, serious successes have been made in this direction.

Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva's very sensitive approach to the solution of social issues of refugees and IDPs, special care for the improvement of living conditions of our compatriots from this tribe, increase of employment, further improvement of social welfare are also clearly demonstrated in the newly built residential areas “Gobu Park-1”, “Gobu Park-2” and “Gobu Park-3”. The construction of all these settlements was carried out on the initiative of Mehriban Aliyeva.

The place of these settlements for IDPs was previously neglected. There was no social infrastructure to live there. In 2018, “Gobu Park-1” and “Gobu Park-2” residential areas were put into use in that  area. In the first residential area, it was built 11 nine-storey residential buildings for 1026 families, and in the second residential area it was built 13 ten-storey buildings for 1300 families. Schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, medical aid, post offices, gyms and other necessary social infrastructure facilities have been created on the territory of these districts. 13 ten-storey residential buildings have been built in “Gobu Park-3” residential complex. It should be noted that Gobu Park-3 is the 111th settlement built for refugees and IDPs. Production areas, commercial facilities and other necessary infrastructures have been created on the territory of the complex. A recreation park has been built, children's playgrounds installed, and extensive greenery and lighting works have been carried out in the area to efficiently organize the leisure time of the residents. There will also be 3 sport  grounds and 360-seat outdoor parking at the disposal of residents.

It should be noted that the contribution of the private sector to the implementation of social projects in our country, including the improvement of housing conditions of IDPs is commendable. In response to President Ilham Aliyev's call to invest in such projects, a number of businesses are building new housing complexes for IDPs at their own expense. Gobu Park-3 is one of those complexes. This behavior is a very positive event as an expression of the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. When approached in this context, the care and support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the implementation of entrepreneurial activity and the provision of stimulating conditions in this direction is very commendable. In particular, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency under the Ministry of Economy, which began operating in 2018 by the relevant decree of President Ilham Aliyev, is literally with every entrepreneur. It is a close friend. It always provides entrepreneurs with access to financial resources, provides institutional support, takes prompt steps to address the problems they face, and at the same time creates favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to increase efficiency by providing coordination between public and private institutions.

Among the large-scale programs and projects of the first lady of Azerbaijan, the goal is to improve the education system and ensure its integration into the world education system. Thousands of schools, kindergartens and specialized children's schools have been built and repaired within the framework of projects of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. They are equipped to a high standard. Under the leadership of Mehriban Aliyeva, who values the  ​​education as a strategy and priority area of ​​the state, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation launched the "New School for a Renewing Azerbaijan" project in 2005 and the project was a great success: "We brought the problems of secondary schools to the attention of our society, and in a short time, various structures of civil society, the private sector, businessmen began to support this program". The New School for a Renewing Azerbaijan Program and the Education Support Project are of exceptional importance in terms of strengthening the material and technical base of the education system and enriching its content. As part of the first program, about 500 schools with more than 100,000 students in our country have been overhauled or rebuilt.

Every year, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation presents bags and school supplies to first-graders from refugee and IDP families who left their permanent homes as a result of the Karabakh warwithin the framework of the project “Support to Education”. New textbooks and teaching aids are regularly sent to schools in the regions of Georgia where Azerbaijanis live, as well as schools where teaching in the Georgian language is conducted in Gakh, Zagatala and Balakandistricts of Azerbaijan.

The project "Support to Education" is implemented not only in Azerbaijan, but also in a number of foreign countries. A new school for girls was built in Muzaffarabad in  Pakistan in 2007, which was damaged by the earthquake,  on the initiative and support of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva. In 2012, after major overhaul and repair works had been carried out at  school, the Pakistani government decided to name that educational institution after Mehriban Aliyeva.

In addition, with the support of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, schools have been built or overhauled in Holland, Georgia, Egypt, Russia and Romania.

In 2013, the US Maryland-basedschools were funded with interactive boards and appropriate equipment for children with disabilities, and the Center for blind and visually impaired children and young people was reconstructed in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Under the leadership of First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation launched the project "Support for Children Homes and Boarding Schools". This project was implemented by  close cooperation with the private sector in our country.

In addition, in 2014, on the initiative of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation started another major project-“The Program on the Development of Preschool Education Institutions in Azerbaijan”. Speaking about the special urgency of this project, the arguments referred to by Mrs Aliyeva are substantive: “Today we should increase our attention to this area. There is a great need for the construction of kindergartens in our country. Children spend almost half of the day in the kindergarten. The conditions in these educational institutions, the quality of education received by our children there, the prevailing atmosphere are very important. It is in these institutions that children develop physically and mentally from their early ages, discover their talents and abilities, protect their health, and build relationships with people. In this case, of course, we should pay more attention to this sector of education”.

Jewish Education Center and French school were established in our country on the initiative of the foundation.

The Foundation implements large-scale health projects under the leadership of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva. This includes hospitals, clinics, purchase of modern equipment, treatment of patients with diabetes and thalassemia. On the initiative of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, it was welcomed by the general public the implementation of such important projects as “The highest care for children with diabetes”, “For the sake of life without thalassemia”, “Reconstruction and construction of medical institutions”. It has been built or overhauled and put into use the modern Thalassemia Center, the Rehabilitation Center For People With Down Syndrome in Baku, Surgery and Organ Transplantation Center, Psychoneurological Children's Center and other health facilities at the Central Oilmen’s Hospital within the framework of these projects.

In 2012-2013, on the initiative of the first lady of Azerbaijan, along with a number of other areas, significant projects were implemented in the health sphere in Pakistan. Vaccination and examinations against hepatitis B virus were carried out at the cerebral palsy clinic and the children's and women's hospital “Lakki Marvat”. In addition, at the ceremony dedicated to World Donor Day in Peshawar city of Pakistan on the initiative and support of Mehriban Aliyeva, the “Hamza” Charity Foundation, which is engaged in the examination of blood diseases, was presented an ambulance car of “ Suzuki” brand equipped with a special blood transfusion laboratory and thousands of blood transfusion packages. Under the program of himanitary projects implemented by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Khayber Pakhtunkhwa province under the leadership of Mehriban Aliyeva, it was provided financial assistance for the construction of a new block of eye clinic and waiting rooms operating under the Khayber Eye Foundation.

Speaking of the principle of “healthy body is healthy spirit”, Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva also has an exceptional role in the expansion of sports movement in Azerbaijan under the direct patronage of President Ilham Aliyev. After being elected as the  president of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federationin 2002, the popularity of this kind of sport has increased in our country and high results have not kept themselves waiting long. Her growing influence on the international arena played a decisive role in the decision of the International Federation of gymnastics to hold the “A” category stage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup (2003), the World Cup (2004), the 27th World Championship (2005), the 23rd (2007), the 25th (2009) and the 30th (2014) European Championships in Azerbaijan. We have mentioned above about the great international resonance of the first European Games and the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games thanks to the high organizational skills and competence of the first lady of Azerbaijan. Thanks to this, Azerbaijan is among the developed sports countries of the world.

Protection of culture and cultural heritage is another direction of the foundation's activity under the leadership of Mehriban Aliyeva. Music events, traditional mugham festivals,   the Gabala international mugham festival and the  Rostropovich classical music festival are held with the support of the foundation. The International Mugham Center was  built in Baku some years ago, new museums and music schools have been established in the regions. Collaboration with international organizations, including UNESCO, ISESCO and UNICEF, has been set on a high level. As a result of this unprecedented activity, Isherisheher, as well as the Palace of the Shivanshahs and the Maiden Tower, Gobustan rock paintings, the historical center of Sheki together with the Khan's Palace were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thanks to Mehriban Aliyeva's tireless work in the field of protection of cultural heritage, the art of mugam (2008), ashug art (2009), Novruz holiday (2009), carpet weaving (2010), tar performance (2012), kalagayi (2014), Lahic coppersmith art (2016), lavash (2016), dolma (2017), kamancha (2017), “Dada Gorgud” saga culture, tales and music (2018) were included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

In addition, the chovgan horse game played with the Karabakh horse (in 2013) and traditional group dances of Nakhchivan -yalli, kochari, Tanzara (in 2018) were included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in urgent need of protection. In this regard, it is no coincidence that in July 2019, on the initiative and with the support of Mehriban Aliyeva, our country hosted the 43rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

“Despite all this, I think that the greatest result of the Foundation's activities has been the revival of charitable traditions in Azerbaijan. Our country has a long history of charity activities. For the first time, oil magnates Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev and Musa Nagiyev made a great contribution to the establishment of these traditions. In the early twentieth century, Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev financed the construction of the first secular school for girls and the opening of the first national theatre. He also helped Azerbaijani youth study in Russia and Europe. The buildings built by Musa Nagiyev are among the architectural pearls of Baku”, said Mehriban Aliyeva, who did not only restore the traditions of charity in Azerbaijan, but also enriched it with a new form and content. As a result, these traditions, kneaded with kindness, have entered a new stage of development in tolerant and secular Azerbaijan, which has an ancient history and ühich is located  at the crossroads of East and West.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation, which attaches special importance to the protection of tolerance traditions in our country on the initiative and support of Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, implements the project “Address of tolerance-Azerbaijan”. Within the framework of the project, repair and restoration works are carried out in religious monuments, visiting places and buildings, exhibitions are organized on this topic. For this purpose, it was carried out major repairs and restoration work in 2005 at the Pir Hasan shrine in Mardakan settlement of Baku that dates back to the 16th century, in 2006 at the Mohsun Salim Mosque in the Bina settlement of Baku,  in 2006, at the Mohsun Salim Mosque in the Bina settlement of Baku.In 2006, it was reconstructed the Hazratizeynab mosque in Ganja. In 2007, repair and restoration work was carried out at the Church of the Holy Virgin Maryin Baku, the suspended ceiling of the church was replaced with artistic glass, the facade of the temple was changed. In September 2008, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Roman Catholic religious community, suspended ceiling windows of the Church of St. Mary in Baku were replaced with artistic windows designed in religious and classical vitraj technique, ceramic pannos were placed on the facade of the temple.

Another component of the project “Address of tolerance-Azerbaijan” is the construction of the Khabad-ur-Avner Education Center for Jewish children living in Baku.

We are proud of the monuments of Azerbaijani architecture called “Frozen history” by Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva. “Protection of historical and cultural heritage requires care. Any lost material value is irreplaceable and I can confidently say that it is a crime against future generations”- these thoughts of hers have as much power and value as her signature. Speaking of this logic, under the leadership of the first lady of our country, the foundation has given “second life” to a number of unique architectural monuments not only in the country but also in the international arena.

The restoration work  has  been carried out with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation of the 14th century Notre-Dame and Strasbourg Cathedral churches in Paris, historical art monuments in the Palace of Versailles, Berlin Castle which was devastated as a result of the Second World War, rare medieval manuscripts of Azerbaijan stored in Vatican archives and ancient statues located there. It has been established an Islamic art section at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. In addition, on the initiative of Mehriban Aliyeva, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation provided the  financial assistance to the French  Assosiation of Victims of Terrorism  in September 2011 in order to organize the 7th International Conference of  victims of  terrorism in Paris. The  restoration of the “Hall of philosophers”at the Kopitolini Museum in Rome is considered one of the most important achievements of the foundation in this area.

The steps taken by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation under the leadership of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva to restore the Holy Marchellinio and Pietro catacombs in Vatican are invaluable events in terms of dialogue and harmony between civilizations. At the opening ceremony after the restoration of these monuments on February 23, 2016, Cardinal Ravasi said: “I appealed to all Christians of the world about the restoration of catacombs facing the threat of destruction. But I did not get any positive answer. Only Heydar Aliyev Foundation responded to this call” – and this idea is an expression of the high appreciation given to the multicultural policy of the Azerbaijani state and its supreme leadership.

It should be noted that the restoration of the Holy Roman catacombs was carried out in accordance with the bilateral agreement signed between the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Holy See in 2012. These works were also carried out within the framework of the project “Azerbaijan-the address of tolerance” of the foundation. For information, it should be noted that in general, around the city of Rome there are about 60 Catacombs.The head of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation not only provides financial support for the restoration of catacombs, one of the rare examples of world culture, but also closely participates in the after-restoration ceremonies. Such measures ultimately serve the interests of strengthening the atmosphere of coexistence and reconciliation between two different civilisations-Islamic and Christian worlds. On September 26, 2016, after restoration of Holy Sebastian Catacombs restored with the support of the Foundation, the participation of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva in the opening ceremony served the same purpose.

On the initiative and support of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, iftar tables have been organized for orphans and elderly people in all provinces of Pakistan repeatedly during Ramadan. In addition, hundreds of large-sized sacrificial animals were cut and distributed to the poor strata of the population on the occasion of Eid al-Adha in the Lakki Marvat region and in the earthquake-affected Baluchistan, Lahore, Islamabad and Fayzalabad.

“Heydar Aliyev Water Supply” Project was implemented in Dera Ismail Khan region of Pakistan under the leadership of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva in 2014. As a result of the implementation of this project, tens of thousands of people living in the area received drinking water. It is no coincidence that, taking into account the exceptional services rendered to the friendly and brotherly state and people of Pakistan, Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded the highest order of this state "Hilal-e Pakistan", the Martyr Benazir Bhutto Prize, as well as the prize of Symbol of Humanism, Woman of the Year 2012 of the Daily Times and the Women's Volunteer Organization.

In addition, the Foundation provided assistance to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti and floods in Romania.

One of the important directions of Mehriban Aliyeva's multifaceted activity is the systematic and consistent work carried out to convey the realities of Azerbaijan to the world community, to expose the aggressive policy of Armenia against our country. The portal created by the Foundation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the booklets “Karabakh Realities” prepared in different languages, provided the world community with enough information about the roots and causes of the conflict. To be more precise, with the support of the Foundation, conferences and various events dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy have been held in different countries every year since 2007. In this process, the international campaign "Justice for Khojaly", created on the initiative of Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, exposes Armenia's policy of genocide, terrorism and occupation on almost every continent of the world as an important propaganda tool. The film “Khojaly genocide”, photos reflecting the atrocities committed by Armenians in Khojaly, materials published in prestigious publications of foreign countries about the Khojaly tragedy in different years, booklets “Karabakh Realities” and  the book “War against Azerbaijan: acquisition of cultural heritage” and other visual materials are presented in these actions.

 President Ilham Aliyev and his closest ally, First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva’s positions  on ways to resolve the conflict are unchangeable. According to this position, the Azerbaijani state supports the peaceful  settlement of the conflict on the basis of the principles of international law, within the territorial integrity of our country and by giving the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh the highest autonomy status within the borders of our republic. Any solution beyond this framework is unacceptable for Azerbaijan. This approach to resolving the conflict is an expression of Azerbaijan's principled position.

The local, regional and international activities of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, whose name is her invincible  signature as well, has been appreciated by the high awards of both the country and many foreign countries. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva's activity at the local, regional and international levels was highly appreciated, being awarded the highest awards of both the country and many foreign countries. The Heydar Aliyev Order and the Heydar Aliyev Award (Republic of Azerbaijan), the Order of the Legion of Honor (French Republic), the Grand Commander's Cross Order for Merits (Republic of Poland), the Hilal-e Pakistan Supreme Order (Pakistan Islamic Republic), Order of Sreten (Republic of Serbia), Order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Cross for Services (Republic of Hungary), Order of Merit for the Astrakhan Region (Russian Federation), UNESCO Gold Mozart Medal, UN Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Gold Medal of the Crans Montana Forum and the Prix de la Fondation, the Supreme Order of the European Olympic Committee, the Honorary Diploma of the State of Kuwait, the award of the the World Health Organization Executive Committee “For outstanding services in protecting and strengthening maternal, child and family health”,”Golden Heart” international award, “Olympic Excellence”special honorary award of the International Olympic Academy, Turk-German Honorary Prize of the Federation of Friendship, Honorary Professor of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov of the Russian Federation, Honorary Doctor of the University of Veliko Tarnovo named after St. Cyril and Methodius of Bulgaria, as well as the Order of Friendship signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin Among are among them. No matter how valuable these awards are for incomparable and selfless work, the most valuable award for the compassionate Mehriban Aliyeva is the love and affection of the people. That is why the First Lady concludes her address to the nation with the phrase "Your Mehriban". This statement confirms that she lives in harmony with the name of Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva and is in sincere communication with her people.

Finally, it should be noted that the whole world, including the Republic of Azerbaijan, is experiencing a period of ruthless struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Azerbaijani people and the state are also facing  a  historical testş The unique management culture demonstrated by our president Mr. Ilham Aliyev  in a force majeure situation , his ability to react quickly, his ability to make proactive, consistent and systematic decisions ensured our tactical victory in the “crown virus war” and created favorable conditions for strategic victory. In this fight, the introduction of situational decisions, gradual hardening and simultaneous displacement of softening maneuvers serve as a protection of the lives of our people.

At the same time, the pandemic period did not only reveal the true face of states and people in those states, at  the same time, it also identified the personality of the leaders. In this situation, the nations  either experienced an endless sense of pride with their leaders, or vice versa. The people of Azerbaijan are happy that their country is headed by a world-class leader-President Ilham Aliyev, who is charismatic, realistic, principled and resolute and has a unique rising coefficient of the listed qualities in force-majeure situations. The people of Azerbaijan are happy that first vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, who is a bearer of high human values such as humanity, dignity, sincerity, mercy, nobility and compassion, adds strength to the power of our supreme leader and enriches his exceptional activity for the benefit of people with unparalleled services. Mrs.Mehriban Aliyeva has repeatedly addressed the citizens of the country as Vice-President both by applying as a mother stressed that their health is more important than  anything else. the same time, she expressed with great confidence in moral support to people, saying: “I am sure that thanks to the best features, enthusiasm and courage, mercy and compassion, trust and love of our wise people, together we will cope with this serious challenge. I wish you good health and long life!”.

Our appreciative people and each of  their patriotic children sincerely congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on the unforgettable date of her life-her birthday, wish her good health,  many happy returns and new success in her selfless work for the welfare of our nation and  the development of our statehood.