# 17:10
8 October 2020

Albert Agarunov, Allahverdi Baghirov, Mubariz İbrahimov again in Karabakh...

Photo – a herald of our victory

Of course, though there is no scientific evidence, millions of people around the globe believe in reincarnation.

A number of religions in the East are based on reincarnation.

Tibetans choose the Dalai Lama in this way. They believe that a Dalai Lama, suppose, lived in the 16th century was reborn somewhere in the world in the 20th century. They look for him and rear him like the Dalai Lama.

Buddhists believe that man is born untold times he improvs to perfection and attains Nirvana.

Hinduism followers also believe in reincarnation.

Though reincarnation is not widespread in Islam, it exists as a concept. And it’s called tanasuh.


A photo which I have seen since the beginning of the war in Karabakh, in other words, since the beginning of the Patriotic War, can’t be unseen for days, it does not fade out of my eyes, it gives a positive impetus to my thinking like the sunshine.

I mean the photo of serviceman who is alike of martyr Albert Agarunov, who died heroically for the defense of Shusha in 1992.

Agarunov, who managed to disable Armenian tanks by a method called, the "Jewish sandwich" and make life a living hell for Armenians.

He destroyed two Armenian tanks with one shell, and sent two tank crews to the hell.

In short, he turned into a nightmare of enemies.

Armenians even could not imagine how a Jew was fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Turks. Of course, this was difficult to understand for the people of a mono-ethnic state who avoid from living together with other nations.

There was a popular video of him. He raises his head out of the round door of the tank and speaks hesitantly to the microphone. At first, he says he can't give an interview, then: "I live in this land. I was born here, I live here ... I came to protect the land.”

Albert Agarunov was martyred in 1992 during the defend of Shusha.

Альберт Агарунов - национальный герой Азербайджана | Вестник КавказаCounterproductive Work Behavior

After 28 years.

2020. Karabakh. A tank advancing towards the liberated lands. A proud soldier looking out of the round door of the tank. A traditional tanker hat on his head.

Having the same face structure and the same nose, the same as Agarunov.

The same pose, the same confidence, the same courageous looks.

You would say he is Agarunov - a brave Jewish man. He came back to life and again became a nightmare for Armenians on the front.

When I saw that photo, those shots, it seemed to me that reincarnation really exists.

Here he is.

He is in front of our eyes.

Who knows, maybe if we look for among our soldiers fighting in Karabakh, we may meet persons who look like not only Agarunov, but also Allahverdi Bagirov, Aliyar Aliyev, Isgender Aznaurov, Mubariz Ibrahimov and all our heroes who died for Karabakh. They came to life in order to liberate our lands, to take revenge, to complete their unfinished work.

They are fighting shoulder to shoulder for Karabakh in the trenches!

Of course, it was possible not to dig into such metaphysics. Human being always wants to wear a robe of sanctity, mysticism to what is happening around him.

Possible, someone may say that there is no mysticism, no extraordinary case. It's just a coincidence.

But as to me...

This resemblance is a divine message.

Is a divine herald…


Most importantly, it is a sign of victory!