Australia to consider recognising Palestinian state, foreign minister says

Penny Wong, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia

© APA | Penny Wong, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia

# 09 April 2024 17:55 (UTC +04:00)

Australia's foreign minister Penny Wong said Canberra would consider recognition of a Palestinian state, a shift in policy as the international community looks for a two-state solution to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict, APA reports citing Reuters.

In a speech on Tuesday evening, Wong backed comments by Britain's foreign minister David Cameron who has said that recognising a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations, would make a two-state solution irreversible.

Wong said the international community is discussing Palestinian statehood "as a way of building momentum towards a two-state solution".

"A two-state solution is the only hope to break the endless cycle of violence," she said, speaking at the Australian National University.

Spain is among other Western countries pushing for such recognition and is a main proponent of such a move within the European Union.

Wong, however, ruled out a role for Hamas, which rules Gaza.

"There is no role for Hamas in a future Palestinian state," she said.