Biden calls on Israel to agree ceasefire

US President Joe Biden

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# 10 April 2024 13:33 (UTC +04:00)

US President Joe Biden has called on Israel to agree to a six-to-eight-week ceasefire in its war against Hamas, APA reports citing BBC.

The statement, in an interview to a US Spanish language TV network, marks a departure from his previous position that it was the responsibility of Hamas to agree to a truce and a deal involving hostages. Hamas, meanwhile, is still studying the latest proposal for a ceasefire that could see the release of dozens of captives.

In a significant shift in tone, President Biden said Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was making a mistake with the way he was conducting the war. “I don’t agree with his approach,” he said.

And in a sign of intensifying pressure on Israel, he urged the country to just agree to a ceasefire deal with Hamas.

The interview was recorded before the latest round of talks in Cairo, which have included the head of the CIA.

A ceasefire proposal includes the release of 40 hostages being held in Gaza in return for 900 Palestinians from Israeli jails. Hamas said it was analysing the offer.

Biden also called for unlimited food and medicine to enter Gaza, saying there was no excuse for aid not to be given to people there.