Temperature drops -20 degrees in Azerbaijan's north region-PHOTO

Temperature drops -20 degrees in Azerbaijan
# 21 January 2022 09:34 (UTC +04:00)

-20 degrees temperature has been recorded in north region, APA's northern bureau reports.

Height of snow in Gryz village of Guba was 19 cm, and the temperature was -20 degrees. The height of snow in Khaltan village of the region was 15 cm, and temperature dropped to -12.6 degrees. 20 cm of snow and -5.6 degrees of frost were recorded in the center of Guba region.

There was 16 cm of snow in Altiaghaj settlement of Khizi, temperature was -9.6 degrees, 4 cm of snow recorded in Gusar, temperature was -8.8 degrees, 3 cm of snow observed in Shabran, temperature was -1.7 degrees.

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